"It is hard for me to fully describe my LP experience and all that the program taught me. Joining as a freshman, I was unsure of myself and my place on campus. Although I was a leader in high school, I felt that in this big place I was nobody. I didn't know how to be a leader and never imagined myself as one here. LP though, did the exact opposite. Through the various retreats, programs, classes, book reviews and self reflections required by the program I have come to understand a more complete definition of leadership; one that has since encompassed my life and all that I do. I accredit my college leadership skills to the LP program. I gained knowledge, networking skills, self-confidence, and courage. I learned how to lead and when to follow. From LeaderShape to the incredible trip to Belize, the Leadership Program taught me all that it promised when I first entered. These 4 years have provided real life examples of the social change model in the form of: commitment, citizenship, common purpose, congruence, consciousness of self, collaboration, and controversy. All in all, the Leadership Program has taught me to embrace change and go after it; this longhorn has started here, at UT and in the McCombs Leadership Program, and will go out to change the world."  – Katie Koehler

"LP helped me understand my leadership style- my strengths and weaknesses. The program also reinforced my commitment to the community and through these experiences I grew personally and professionally. I met like-minded individuals within my cohort that I now call friends- more than organization, the LP program is like a family. There are expectations and guidelines one must follow of course but in the end, it's worth it. Now that I have completed the program I know I will miss it." – Raul Zavaleta

 “The McCombs Leadership Program has left me a more acute, disciplined, and transformational leader. The LP is an experience that has taught me to recognize our interdependence. We are all called to work for a higher purpose, a common purpose, an individual responsibility that requires unyielding effort and humble commitment. LP has trained me to see the gaps – the spaces between eager workforces and passionate desires that need connection in order to serve the greater good of society.” – Jefferson Fisher

“The Leadership Program for me this previous year was a great experience overall. I really enjoyed the setup of the program in terms of the flexibility in meeting the requirements on one’s own time, and being able to focus on different types of LDAs that we felt strongly about or were relevant to us. I think the LP Events were well organized and efficient in their goal of making us better leaders in specific areas and enabling us to grow.” – Sam Copeland

“I have received many benefits from participating in the Leadership Program at McCombs. Not only have I met some of the most talented, intelligent and friendly people at UT, but I have learned so much about myself and my leadership style. Through the program, I have learned to understand my talents, values, and interests, allowing me to be a more effective leader. Each year of the program provided me with new insights on leadership and gave me the confidence to explore my ability to be a more productive and competent leader. The opportunities made available to me through LP were endless and were some of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.” – Chaille Muzny

“LP has shown me that a leader, above all else, is a servant – and our world is in need of great servants. A leader serves the needs, shares the struggles, and feels the pains of his or her followers. A leader knows no self interest.” – Jefferson Fisher

“LP not only gave me the opportunity to learn what leadership is, but it also helped me developed my leadership skills. For example, on the first year of the program we learned about ourselves. We took this “test” called a Strengthsquest Self-Assessment; the assessment showed me my strengths and weakness. This test was beneficial because it helped see in what areas I needed to improve to become a better leader and in what areas I was already doing good. I believe that opportunities like this are what make a leader better, because a leader is not born but made….I want to thank the LP staff and LP itself for this wonderful opportunity and support.” – Aidali Miranda

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