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Barbara Jordan and George Mitchell Leadership Awards


The McCombs School of Business has a long history of developing student leaders who excel both inside and outside the classroom. From leadership positions in student organizations to volunteer work with non-profits, the areas of student involvement are wide-ranging and inspiring. At McCombs, we celebrate this diversity in leadership and want to reward students that have shown exemplary leadership within McCombs. Each year, the Undergraduate Business Council and the Undergraduate Programs Office recognize outstanding student leaders and organizations with the George Mitchell Student Leadership Award, the Barbara Jordan Senior Legacy Award, and the McCombs Student Organizations’ Most Improved and Most Outstanding Awards.
Barbara Jordan Senior Legacy Award

During their final spring semester, graduating seniors are eligible
to apply for the Barbara Jordan Senior Legacy Award. This award
recognizes seniors for the impact they have had on McCombs in the form of student leadership, mentorship, and in the pursuit of a unique passion or goal.  A committee of the students’ peers evaluates all applications. An optional nomination process gives faculty and students the opportunity to recommend candidates they feel best represent the spirit of the award. Recipients are invited to a brunch with the deans of McCombs, have their achievements publicized throughout McCombs, have their name on a plaque inside the school, and receive their official honors at the University Honors Convocation.  

George Mitchell Student Leadership Award
Every year, two outstanding student leaders each from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes in McCombs are awarded the George Mitchell Student Leadership Award. This award recognizes its winners for their ability to inspire leadership in themselves and others and is given out by a committee of the students’ peers. Recipients are invited to a brunch with the deans of McCombs, have their achievements publicized throughout McCombs, have their name on a plaque inside the school, and receive their official honors at the University Honors Convocation. 

The Barbara Jordan and George Mitchell Award recipients are selected each year by a student committee from the Undergraduate Business Council and is managed by the UBC President.


Charlie Adkins


Charlie Adkins is a freshman undeclared business major. His on-campus involvement includes McCombs Career Services Advisory Committee, Undergraduate Business Council serving as a freshman elected representative, Student Government serving as a longhorn legislative aid, and McCombs Leadership Program. One of his biggest accomplishments so far is serving on the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series committee, which helps to bring in CEOs of large corporations to speak to the UT community.

Sarah Qin


Sarah is a freshman undeclared business major. Her on-campus involvement includes Asian Business Students Association serving as the administrative director, Freshman Business Association serving on the professional development committee, McCombs Leadership Program, Leadershape Institute serving as the student ambassador, and Leadership Education and Progress Program. Her biggest accomplishment is the planning of Feed Your Mind event for ABSA.

Parker Kim


Parker Kim is a sophomore Finance major. His on-campus involvement includes University Securities Investment Team serving as the director of investments, Undergraduate Computational Finance Group, Strategic Capital Group serving as a director, and University Finance Association. Parker biggest contribution and goal is to continue to build McCombs’ reputation for excellence in the field of investments and finance.

Jacob Spangler


Jacob Spangler is a sophomore Business Honors, Supply Chain, and Plan II major. He is a Business Honors recruiting liaison, peer mentor, and application reader. He's also involved in the Leadershape Institute, Longhorn Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Global Business Brigades. Jacob hopes to continue to bring in the brightest of high school seniors into the UT community through his involvement in recruitment.

Lindsay Mulford


Lindsay Mulford is a junior Finance and Chinese major. Her on-campus involvement includes Global Business Brigades, Undergraduate Business Council, and Accenture Leadership Series. One of her biggest accomplishments is traveling to Ghana with Global Business Brigades to open a bank and provide financial consulting services in a rural village.

Dennis Thankachan


Dennis Thankachan is a junior Business Honors, Finance, and Computer Science major. His on-campus involvement includes Undergraduate Computation Finance Group serving as the executive vice president, student in Free Enterprise, Freshman Business Association. One of his biggest achievements so far is co-founding Undergraduate Computational Finance Group dedicated to provide computational and quantitative aspects of investing that are not emphasized in the McCombs finance curriculum.

Jeffrey Stevens


Jeffrey Stevens is a senior Business Honors, Finance, and History major. His on-campus involvement includes undergraduate business council, chair of the McCombs College Tuition and Budget Advisory Committee, Business Honors Program Steering and Make-A-Mark Committee, Financial Analyst Program Advisory Board, Senate of College Councils, and Texas Blazers. Jeff hopes leave McCombs’s future student leaders three values: be humble, balance personal and professional obligations, and be kind.

Khurram Kabiruddin


Khurram Kabiruddin is a senior Accounting major. His on-campus involvement includes: Business Partners, McCombs BBA Career Services serving as peer career advisor and Target Your Future Program Manager, Accenture Leadership Series, and the McCombs Leadership Program. One of his biggest achievements in his college career is the planning of the Target Your Future program and the transformation of its mentorship system.


Most Outstanding Organization

HBSA strives to serve the needs of its members by providing them with academic, philanthropic, and professional resources. We've hosted over 150 events, and HBSA has increased its membership by 80 percent. We've also teamed up with other McCombs Affiliated Student Organizations to serve the greater student body. Activities like the Mentorship program and Officer-For-a-Week program strengthen relationships between members. The passion and dedication members have for the organization truly makes HBSA most outstanding.


New-and-Improved Organization

AMA is the only marketing program at McCombs, and it's upped its game by teaming up with the marketing department and implementing new programs to inform students about marketing as a major and as a career. The organization has increased its membership by putting on events like Marketing Mixers and Marketing week, which allow students to interact with professors within the department get experience within the field. 


Angela Morisette


This year, Angela has already begun to make her mark on McCombs through her leadership in the University Securities Investment Team (USIT) and UBC. She served as USIT’s Advertising Chair, UBC’s Visit Chair and BBA Legacy Campaign co-chair and next year she'll be USIT’s Marketing Director

Peggy Wang


Peggy has already set herself apart as a leader through her work with FBA and UBC this year. She organized FBA's first-ever underclassman case competition and, as Texas Revue chair, led UBC to the university-wide talent show for the first time in three years. Next year, Peggy will be serving as FBA President and UBC Fall Case Competition Chair.  

Ezequiel Calderon


In his first two years at McCombs, Ezequiel has already made a powerful impact through his work with the GLBTQA Business Student Association.  This year he served as the president of GBSA and led the association to grow from being largely inactive to providing a welcoming, safe environment for over 30 members this year.  Next year, Ezequiel will be continuing his involvement in GBSA, Longhorn Singers, and will be studying abroad in the spring.

Fernanda Alvarez


Through her involvement as Faculty Relations Chair of UBC and through working as a Peer advisor in McCombs Career Services, Fer has made an impact on McCombs both in bridging the gap between students and faculty and in mentoring younger students and growing new leaders.  Next year she will be serving as a mentor in the TIP scholars program and will be a member of the UBC Executive Board as the Academics Director.

Bhargav Srinivasan

During his time at McCombs, Bhargav has devoted himself to serving both the school and the University as a whole.  Last year he served as the Financial Director of UBC.  This year he was the Financial Director of the Senate of College Councils, the co-chair of the McCombs CTBAC, the chair of the new UBC Student Curriculum Review Committee, and a member of the UBC Audit Committee.    He has also served on a variety of committees including the President’s Student Advisory Council and started an organization in McCombs called Management Consulting Association.  Through all of his hard work, vision, and motivation in serving  UT, Bhargav has made very tangible changes which will benefit students for years to  come, but he has also made a lasting difference by acting as a mentor and role model for other students of what it means to serve others selflessly and passionately.

Michael Koetting

Michael has made a difference to McCombs through his service in UBC as an executive board member for two years, through his work as a Peer Mentor in the UPO, and, most significantly, through his commitment to investing in and mentoring younger students and developing the future leaders of McCombs.  Through his work as Internal Controls Director and Vice President of UBC, Michael has helped to build community within Council, but has also worked to build community among the different organizations of McCombs.  In his final year in the business school, Michael has served as co-chair of the new BBA Legacy Student Giving Campaign committee and has dedicated himself to literally leaving a legacy of increased student involvement and investment in the business school.  Finally, throughout his time at McCombs, whether it was as FBA President, UBC Exec member, or UPO Peer Advisor, Michael has always committed himself to mentoring younger students and giving of his wisdom and experience to help them grow as individuals and leaders.


This year FBA made huge strides in developing as a professional organization and improving membership retention and involvement.  Through submitting the organization’s first corporate sponsorship packet and hosting the first-ever underclassman case competition, FBA’s members this year have been able to experience even greater professional and leadership development  than ever before.


As a relatively new organization, USIT has shown itself to be an outstanding organization this year through incredible growth and through excellence in providing members with completely unique learning experiences. USIT stands out because of the vast number of opportunities that are provided for underclassmen to become involved in organization leadership, even during their first semesters at UT, and the fact that they provide all students a chance to learn about the world of finance in ways that would never be available to them otherwise.


 George Mitchell Business Leadership Award Recipients:

Danny An
Jay Shah
Jeff  Stevens
Bekah Thayer
Sameer Desai
Shalin Dalal

 Barbara Jordan Business Leadership Award Recipients:

Emily Benigno

McCombs Leadership Award Recipients: 

Hispanic Business Students Association -
Most Outstanding Organization

Honors Business Association -
Most Improved Organization


 George Mitchell Business Leadership Award Recipients:

Yuezhi Zhan
Eric Wong
Michael Daehne
Seher Dholakia
Molly Sun
John Terada

 Barbara Jordan Business Leadership Award Recipients:

Eric  Sung
Zuhair Khan

 McCombs Leadership Award Recipients:

Asian Business Students Association -
Most Outstanding Organization

Net Impact Undergraduate -
Most Improved Organization


 George Mitchell Leadership Award Recipients:

David Kuo
Chang Liu
Tricia Assar
Hiya Chopra
Renee Chu
Garrison Taylor

 Barbara Jordan Leadership Award Recipients:

Odile Kane
Jared Weiser

 McCombs Leadership Award Recipients:

Asian Business Students Association -
Most Outstanding Organization

Alpha Kappa Psi -
Most Improved Organization