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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Studying abroad can be affordable! If you're participating in a BBA study abroad program, you can use your existing financial aid and scholarships toward your summer or semester abroad. Also, many study abroad scholarships are available to help fund costs like your airfare, visa, passport, and international living expenses. Check out this video that explains the Actual Cost to Study Abroad

We encourage you to start researching your funding options early on. Some scholarships require you to apply a semester or a year before you leave.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Every UT student studying abroad is eligible to apply for the International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS)  which is funded through UT student fees.

Many other scholarships are available. We suggest you apply for as many scholarships as possible. Most scholarships are not comprehensive (less than $5000). It will take funding from multiple sources to achieve your goal.

The Global A$$IST Scholarship Database references a listing of both UT and non-UT administered study abroad scholarships. It is not all-inclusive, so we recommend that you review all of the links to learn about local and national scholarship opportunities.

Scholarships for BBA Exchange Programs

All business students should apply for BBA McCombs Scholarships. These can be applied to studying abroad on an exchange program. The online application is available March 1st- May 1st.  Students must also submit a FAFSA. 

Texas BBA Parents Council Scholarship:

 The Texas BBA Parents Council Scholarship is our newest Scholarship opportunity solely for McCombs undergraduate students studying abroad on exchange programs. Generously sponsored by the Texas BBA Parents Council, the scholarship is valued at $2,000 and is awarded to students going to any of our BBA exchange locations. The deadline for summer exchange is February 15th; Fall exchange is March 15th and Spring exchange is October 15th.

JTS BBA Summer Study Abroad Scholarship

: March 1 deadline; for freshmen students studying abroad the summer after their freshmen year on a BBA exchange program to Mexico, Hong Kong (CUHK), Denmark, or Norway.

Boeing BBA Study Abroad Scholarship:

This one time Scholarship for McCombs undergraduate students studying abroad during Spring 2014 BBA Exchange programs was a great addition to BBA only scholarships. The Boeing Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to eight students studying abroad in various locations. Each applicant was chosen based on summaries written in response to questions such as ‘In what ways will you be a good ambassador before, during, and after your study abroad experience?’ We send an enormous thank you to Boeing for making long term study abroad a reality for more McCombs students. 

Scholarships for BBA and MPA Short-Term International Programs

There are a number of scholarship opportunities available for students participating in the BBA and MPA Short-Term International Programs. For information, please visit the Short-Term Financial Information Page for BBA Programs and MPA Programs.

  • SIP Study Abroad Scholarship
  • SIP First Generation Scholarship
  • BHP Summer Study Abroad Scholarship
  • BBA SIP: Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence Scholarship
  • Texas Competitive Scholarship Waiver
  • MPA Excellence Fund Strategic Location Scholarship

Additional Study Abroad Scholarships for all UT Students

General Study Abroad Scholarships

Helpful Funding Resources:

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Financial aid is available for study abroad programs approved through the Study Abroad Office and BBA International Programs office at The University of Texas at Austin. Interested students seeking financial aid for their program should complete the FAFSA for the appropriate academic period. To assist in the timely receipt of your financial aid and to ensure full consideration for all aid for which you qualify, you must apply by the Priority Date. If you miss the priority date, complete the FAFSA no later than three months prior to your departure date.

The BBA International Programs office will send the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) the estimated cost for your study abroad program. OSFS will revise your financial aid awards based on these costs and send you a Financial Aid Notification. Additional grant funding is not available from the OSFS office for study abroad. Study abroad students are offered additional loans — student, parent, or private — as eligibility permits. Visit the UT Study Abroad Office Funding Web site for additional information.


Study Abroad Counseling and Financial Aid Counseling must be complete before any financial aid will be released. Important items to keep in mind as you prepare to go abroad:

  • Complete all requirements before departing for your program to ensure your financial aid releases on time.
  • Release of financial aid occurs around the first class day of the regularly scheduled UT Austin term or semester.
  • Pay deposits or airline tickets on your own; emergency cash loans are not available for students going abroad.
  • Ensure stateside contact information is accurate.
  • Work with your assigned Financial Aid Counselor to have any anticipated paper checks mailed to your stateside contact. International mailing is not available.

Source: Office of Student Financial Services, UT Austin  

Common Questions:

  • Can I apply my financial aid abroad? 
    Absolutely! Financial aid may be applied to all BBA International Programs. However, keep in mind that the type of aid received may be different from the awards package you receive while at UT. For BBA SIP Programs, this is due to the fact that your courses are abroad, and take place in the summer semester. Although certain grants such as UT grants may be used abroad, it is possible that some scholarships or grants will NOT transfer abroad, or may only be applied to long semesters (Fall/Spring). In most cases, loans will be the primary source of financial aid awarded. For details on whether certain grants may be used abroad, please contact your financial aid advisor.
  • How do I apply for financial aid? 
    You apply as you would for any other semester at UT. Please complete the FAFSA application accessible on the FAFSA website by the March 15 priority deadline. For additional instructions on FAFSA, please visit UT Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Can I defer my UT tuition until my financial aid is released? 
    No. Unfortunately, students will not be able to defer their tuition until financial aid is released. As such, students must plan ahead to have sufficient funds to pay their tuition by the UT deadline. Students are also eligible to apply for a tuition loan with the university to help cover this. Tuition loans carry an interest rate of 4%.
  • When can I expect my financial aid to be released? 
    Financial aid awards are disbursed at the beginning of each term. Realistically, this means most students will receive their financial aid a few weeks into your program. As such, it is important that students arrange for funds to cover expenses prior to departure, as well as immediate expenses for the initial weeks abroad. 

Texas Tomorrow Fund MPA

Students participating in a MPA SIP may apply their TTF simultaneously in two different ways depending on whether they are a 3rd & 4th Yr. iMPA (undergraduate), or a 5th & Traditional MPA (Graduate) Students may refer to the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan website for further information.

Undergraduate MPA (3rd and 4th Yr iMPA)

Information will be updated shortly. In the meantime, please visit the BBA Financial Information tab on this page, as it applies specifically to undergraduate students.

Graduate MPA  (5th yr iMPA and tMPA)

  1. Apply TTF to tuition and fees related components of the MPA SIP
    MPA students may apply their Texas Tomorrow Funds to pay for tuition and fees component of the program cost, but funds cannot be applied toward the portion of the program cost that covers accommodations and events. Students are able to apply up to $1720.26 at the 2015 rate of ($286.71 x 6 hours). This amount will be reimbursed back to the student in July.

    Process: please notify the MPA SIP program coordinator of your intent to use Texas Tomorrow funds to pay for part of the  program and provide the coordinator with your TTF account number. This should be done at the earliest opportunity to guarantee transfer of funds. The MPA SIP Coordinator will work with the appropriate office to ensure you receive your funds via check or direct deposit.

  2. Apply TTF to University Extension Fee
    Students participating in an MPA program are able to apply their Texas Tomorrow Fund to their University Extension Fee. Their TTF account will be reduced by the amount of hours equivalent to the fee covered. FYI: Students using TTF to cover the $900  University Extension fee are using a bit over 3 credits of their TTF account.

    Process: In order to apply their TTF, students must select this method of payment when registering for their UEX courses in the spring semester. In addition, they must notify the MPA SIP Program Coordinator of their intention to do so.

Students may choose to apply their TTF to one or both options described above. Please contact the MPA SIP Program coordinator of your intent to use TTF for both options, otherwise TTF may not allow you to apply the funds.

Texas Tomorrow Fund BBA

Application Options for BBA SIP Students

  1. Apply TTF to the UT faculty-taught course tuition
    Students participating in a BBA program are able to apply their Texas Tomorrow Fund to their UT faculty-taught course tuition, as they would for their tuition at UT. Their TTF account will be reduced by three credit hours. Please note, that using TTF to pay for the full tuition cost for three credits will only apply to the UT-taught course, and not the affiliated course. 
    Process: students must contact Student Accounts Receivable, and inform the staff that they would like to add TTF for the summer. Provided students have sufficient hours in their TTF account, it will then be applied to your summer tuition. 

    Student Accounts Receivable 
    512-475-7777, Select Option #1

  2. Apply TTF to the affiliated course fee and other program-related fees 
    BBA students may also apply up to three hours of their Texas Tomorrow funds to additional tuition and fees components of the BBA SIP program. Students are able to use up to three hours at the 2015 affiliate rate of $286.71 per hour.  In July, the student will be reimbursed from UT via check for ($286.71 x 3 hours =$860.13).  
    Process: please notify the BBA SIP Program Coordinator of your intent to use Texas Tomorrow funds to pay for part of the BBA SIP program and provide the coordinator with your TTF account number. This should be done at the earliest opportunity to guarantee transfer of funds.

For more information on the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan, please visit the TGTP website.

Application Options for BBA Exchange Students

Money Matters: Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

Courtesy of the UT Study Abroad Office


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