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Visa Information

Participants of the BHP Management Program in Argentina will enter the country as "tourists" because the program lasts less than 90 days. Depending on your nationality, you may or may not require a "tourist visa" to enter the country. Please read through the information below.

U.S. citizen traveling to Argentina

US citizens that visit the Argentine Republic as part of the BBA SIP program will enter as tourist. US citizens who enter as tourists and do not require a visa. However, U.S. citizens are required to  pay a “reciprocity fee” of $160, or its equivalent in pesos. This “reciprocity fee” is not a visa, rather, the Argentine Government has set this fee according to the amount that Argentines must pay when requesting a visa to enter the United States of America. The good news is that the reciprocity fee is valid for 10 years (should you visit Argentina again in the future).

NOTE: As of October 2012, travelers must pay this fee online before traveling to Argentina, not when they land.

For more information on the reciprocity fee, please visit the Embassy of Argentina website.

Other nationality traveling to Argentina

Depending on your nationality, you may or may not require a tourist visa. To find out whether your nationality requires a visa, students can visit the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Relations Website and select "Temas Consulares." You can then select your specific country for information on visa requirements. Unfortunately, the site is only available in Spanish. Another useful resource, albeit less official, is the Visa HQ. It strongly recommended that you contact the nearest Argentine Consulate to speak with a consular officer directly because visa requirements do change often. Students who require a visa will need to complete the visa, and submit all necessary paperwork to the nearest Argentinean Consulate. For more information on the required paperwork, please visit the Consular/Embassy website to learn about requirements for "Tourist Visas".

It is the student’s responsibility to research specific requirements for their nationality, and to apply for their visa in time. At the student’s specific requests, BBA IP will provide additional program-related documentation (e.g. a letter that describes the nature of the program, enrollment status at UT, housing and insurance coverage, etc.) to support their visa application. Students are also encouraged to request an official student enrollment status from the UT Registrar Office.

You must also notify the UT International Office of your travel plans to avoid experiencing problems with re-entry to the United States.

Page last updated: 6/23/2014