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MAN337 International Corporate Management (3 credits)

Taught by Dr. Robert Duvic
This course offers students:
  • Hands-on experience making business decisions in a simulated corporation
  • Experience applying academic principles in a real-world environment
  • Exposure to the core business disciplines in action and interaction with one another

Students operate in a realistic business environment in which they build and run companies that compete with each other in a dynamic international marketplace using Marketplace Live (TM).  These companies are evaluated on several metrics: managing costs and revenues to maintain solvency; developing products that are desirable in both features and price; balancing short-term requirements with long-term value creation; effectively managing both real and human resources; and dealing with political and exchange rate uncertainty. This course also contains discussions of major international issues and technical business tools useful in the simulation. (3 credits)

Course may be substituted for IB372 or BA320F

MAN337.11 Management of Cultural Differences (3 credits)

Taught by Dr. Deirdre Mendez
  • A groundbreaking framework for cultural analysis and problem solving
  • Enhanced experience of the program through intercultural analysis
  • Transferable skills applicable to any workplace environment

Students will use a framework for cultural dynamics to facilitate the process of intercultural adaptation in their simulation teamwork. The course offers both a theoretical model and an opportunity to apply it to students’ personal experience during the course. After creating a profile of their own cultural preferences and comparing their own profiles to those of their team members, students will predict potential areas of misunderstanding and conflict in their teamwork. Use of the framework in facilitation sessions with the instructor will guide the teams as they manage conflicting preferences for decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution and other aspects of intercultural teamwork. Assignments teach students to do cultural assessments of new counterparts via interview and observation. Students also apply a technique for analyzing new cultural environments that can be applied in future contexts such as internships, study abroad and employment. (3 credits)

Course carries the Global Cultures flag and may substituted for IB372 or IB320F

Course Credit and Grading

UT Students

Six credits for MAN337 and/or IB372. Business Foundations credit is also available (BA320F and IB320F). Students should consult with their academic advisor to discuss how this credit will apply to their degree. Please download the advisor approval form

International Participants

Please contact your international program coordinator to verify how this credit will apply to your degree. Grades are provided in number or letter form as required by your institution. Our office is happy to discuss grades/credit and provide information regarding contact hours, student work hours, etc.