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Minors for Business Majors

This information is specific to those students following degree requirements in the 2010-2012, 2012-2014, and 2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalogs.  You can check your degree profile within the Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) system to identify which catalog you are currently following.


A minor is not required to complete a BBA degree. However, if a student chooses to complete a minor, he or she must use the online form to officially declare or change the minor. Students must have declared a major before declaring a minor.  In addition, students must complete a minor according to the following requirements, policies, and procedures:

  • Business students can only declare ONE official minor.  Minors do NOT appear on UT Austin transcripts or diplomas. Minors are reflected only on a student's profile record, degree audit, and on the certification letter mailed to the student after she or he graduates.
  • A minor consists of 12 hours in a field that is recognized by UT Austin as a major program. For example, Real Estate is not a valid minor, because it is not a degree program at UT Austin. 
  • Nine of the 12 hours must be upper-division. Six of the 12 hours must be completed in residence at UT Austin. UT Extension, Correspondence, and Placement work is not in residence.
  • Courses used for the minor must be taken on a letter-grade basis even if used as electives elsewhere on the student's degree plan.
  • A minor CANNOT be completed after the student has graduated with his or her BBA degree. Verification that the minor was completed will occur during the certification process for graduation. 

For more information on minors and the specific options available, please visit your academic advisor.

Business Minor for Non-Business Students

Students who are not pursuing a BBA degree in the McCombs School of Business may complete a business minor by taking Business Foundations Courses. Check with your dean's office to verify that you meet all requirements for your degree program.