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About UBC

Our Mission

We, the Undergraduate Business Council, serve as representatives of the McCombs School of Business to create a better environment and improve the education of all business students by:

  • hosting various programs about career choices    
  • providing ways for students to improve faculty relations    
  • updating business students about campus-wide opportunities and events    
  • working with all McCombs School organizations to expand business students' active participation within the school
  • striving to build leadership and form friendships among our members

The Undergraduate Business Council is always welcome and receptive to student concerns and new ideas for programs. If you have a suggestion or concern, please contact a UBC member or officer. Our contact information can be found through the "Contact UBC" page. Information on how you can become a member can be found on our "Join UBC" page.

Our Logo

The Undergraduate Business Council (UBC) logo has three rings representing three components of the McCombs School of Business: the students, the faculty, and the Undergraduate Business Council.

                                                     UBC Logo

Our job is uniting the faculty and students in hopes of creating a better business school. The left ring represents the faculty; the right represents the students. The open ring that links the two represents the Undergraduate Business Council. The third ring remains open because our mission of improving the experience of business students is never complete, and we are always open to suggestions.

Constitution and Bylaws

The Undergraduate Business Council Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Conduct are living documents that declare our purpose, outline our structure, and state our responsibilities. These documents are kept up to date so the Undergraduate Business Council can constantly provide those services deemed to be in the best interest of the students of McCombs.