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McCombs Executive Summit

The McCombs Executive Summit is an event held at the beginning of each spring semester which brings together experienced and ranking individuals for an educational event based around a single theme.  Speakers  will participate in a panel discussion, energizing breakout sessions where participants have unique opportunities for one-on-one interaction with high-level executives, and a keynote lecture, all based on the central theme of the event. 

Each year McCombs Executive brings together over 100 students and the world's most influential business leaders to share and discuss ideas and initiatives that are relevant and vital to today's corporate climate.  The Undergraduate Business Council invites executives from some of the most successful companies around the country and motivated, intelligent students from the McCombs School of Business to this event in order to facilitate an environment of education and innovation.

Event Itinerary

Panel Discussion

  • Questions are posed to executives from a variety of companies and industries about developing market trends and the current economic environment.
  • Executives are given the opportunity to inform attendees of their company's strategies for adapting to changing markets and environments.

Break-Out Sessions

  • Attendees may request which company they would like to be with for the break out session. In this session, attendees can ask questions to the company executives in a small group environment.
  • Sessions are with a small group of executives from the related industries.
  • Attendees will participate in case challenges where they work with executives to develop practical solutions to real-world problems.

Lunch and Keynote Lecture

  • Lunch will be provided for all participants where they will have a chance to eat with an executive from one of the attending companies and spend time talking to them about their experiences

2014 Theme:

Human Capital in the Modern Age 

Spring 2014

Participating Speakers:

  • Tony Daws, Sense Corp, Managing Director
  • Krystal Willis, Accenture, Manager
  • Leslie Hoard, Booz & Co., Senior Manager of Global Human Capital
  • Reed Parker, Catapult Systems, General Manager
  • James Eng, GE Capital, Senior Underwriter
  • Lily Shen, Hitachi Consulting, Director
  • Reed Dennis, Mercer, Principal



2013 Theme:

Big Data 

How companies use information

Spring 2013

Participating Speakers:

  • John Gordon – Keynote Speaker, IBM
  • Dr. Michael Hasler – Facilitator, MSBA
  • Andrew Chasse – Director, Marketing Operations, Target
  • Tom Moore – Vice President, Business Development, AT&T
  • Doug Wolfe – Head of Online Operations Austin, Facebook
  • Bill Richardson – Risk and Payment Operations Manager, Facebook
  • John DeVore – Strategic Account Manager, Cisco
  • Travis Haymore – Account manager, Cisco
  • Michael Griffin – CEO, Adlucent
  • Morgan Turnipseed – Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Analysis & Planning for Human Resources & Services, BBVA Compass


AT&T logo

BBVA Compass logo

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2012 Theme:

Advancing Technology for the Increasingly Mobile Consumer

Spring 2012

Participating Speakers:

  • Jon Armstrong - CEO, Adlucent
  • Susan Dembicke - Business Leader of Apple Retail, Apple
  • David Sikora - CEO and Founder, Digby
  • Sarah Smith - Director of Online Operations, Facebook, Austin
  • Reed Parker - Managing Consultant, Gallup
  • Nick Pudar - Vice President of Onstar Planning and Business Development, Onstar
  • Hugh Forrest - Director, SXSW
  • Linda Vytlacil - Vice President of Global Customer Insights, Walmart
  • Brian Pearce - Senior Vice President, Head of Retail Mobile Channel Internet Services Group, Wells Fargo





2011 Theme:

Consumers in Business

How to meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer

Spring 2011

Participating Speakers:

  • Martin Otto - CFO, HEB
  • Don Kendrick - Regional President, Wells Fargo
  • Marrissa Jarratt - Marketing Director, Frito-Lay
  • Scott Jensen - Founder and former CEO, Stubbs Barbecue, CEO, Rhythm Superfoods
  • Steve Wagner - Regional Vice President, Cisco
  • John DeVore - Strategic Account Manager, Cisco
  • Reed Parker - Partner, Gallup




2010 Theme:

The Government's Role in Business

Spring 2010

2010 Speakers:

  • Mike Crowley - Vehicle Marketing Manager, Ford
  • Kelly Lang - Vice President of HR Manufacturing, Shell
  • Paul Markovich - President of Residential Services, Green Mountain Energy Company
  • Richard Miles - Director of Office Administrative Litigation, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/Department of Energy
  • Cabanne Gilbreath - Manager of Investment Management, Northern Trust
  • Jeffrey Gunther - Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • Pam Friedman - Former Executive Director, UBS London
  • Srini Krishnaswamy - North American Practice Head of Consulting, Tata Consultancy Services