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BBA Legacy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the BBA Legacy student giving campaign?
    The McCombs BBA Legacy Student Giving Campaign is the first undergraduate student giving campaign at the McCombs School of Business. A student-led committee created the campaign in 2009 to increase student participation in the donation process. The campaign was designed in the hopes of creating a student culture of giving that will help to improve the quality of our undergraduate programs.
  • When is the BBA Legacy campaign?
    The BBA Legacy campaign will take place from March 24 to April 4, 2014. Students can donate to the campaign at any time during the semester, but these two weeks will be the “big push.” You will be able to find a table on the second and third floor of McCombs during these two weeks.
  • Who can give to the BBA Legacy campaign?
    Anyone can give to the BBA Legacy campaign! However, only McCombs student donations will count towards the participation rate.
  • Where does my money go if I give to the campaign?
    The money raised by the BBA Legacy campaign, as well as alumni donations, feeds into an account called the BBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund. This money is managed by UTIMCO and pays out returns each year that are appropriated by the deans to various student programs including student organizations, career services, etc.

    Students can also choose to donate to a specific academic department or organization. Their donation will still count in the participation rate for the BBA Legacy campaign.
  • Why should I give to BBA Legacy?
    BBA Legacy is attempting to instill a habit of giving in students now, so that in the future they are willing to donate as alumni. Alumni giving rates are correlated with UT’s ranking in U.S. News & World Report and posted as a statistic in our Businessweek profile.

    Having money available to the school from sources supplementary to tuition and the state allows more funds to be appropriated to student organizations and academic departments. The latter has an effect on lowering student-to-faculty ratios, and increasing elective class offerings.
  • How is the U.S. News & World Report participation rate tallied?
    Only alumni donations are officially counted in the U.S. News & World Report donation participation rate. However, graduating BBA students and integrated MPA students in their final undergraduate year are included in the alumni count, provided they donate to the BHP Make-A-Mark, MPA Legacy, and/or BBA Legacy campaign.
  • What do our comparison schools give?

    Many of our competitor schools have participation rates much higher than ours. Their class sizes are much smaller than ours, so they have the added advantage of being able to reach out to a much smaller audience. But we can use our size to our advantage too – more students mean more potential donors.

    2012 School Participation Rates:comparison schools

    • Darthmouth (Tuck): 68%
    • Virginia (Darden): 45%
    • Rice (Jones): 25%
    • USC (Marshall): 19%
    • Michigan (Ross): 16%
    • Oklahoma (Price): 16%
    • Texas A&M (Mays): 13%
    • SMU (Cox): 10%
    • Texas (McCombs): 8%

  • How much do I have to give to the campaign?
    A student can donate as little as a dollar, and there's no maximum. If a student is interested in any BBA Legacy/McCombs merchandise, he/she must donate a minimum amount to collect a “prize.”
  • What can I give to when I donate?
    Students can give a generic gift to the BBA Alumni Excellence Fund or to a specific department or organization of their choice. More information can be found on the donation page here.
  • Do donations to the BHP Make-A-Mark or MPA Legacy campaigns count in the participation rate?
    BHP Make-A-Mark: Any senior BHP student can give to Make-A-Mark at any point during the spring semester and their donations will count towards the BBA Legacy participation rate.

    MPA Legacy: Only integrated MPA students in their final undergraduate year can give to the MPA Legacy campaign and have their donation count towards the BBA Legacy participation rate. Donations from traditional MPAs or integrated MPAs that are in their graduate year will not count towards the campaign. However, all are still welcome to donate.
  • Are there any incentives for me to give to the campaign?
    At events held throughout the BBA Legacy campaign, members of the committee will be giving merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee cups, and others for donations. Students also have the opportunity to attend events like the Party in the Atrium, Pie a Prez-or-Prof, Midnight Munchies and Senior Send-Off.
  • How did the campaign start?
    The campaign started in the spring 2009 by BBA students who wanted to give undergraduates an opportunity to impact their school in a new way. They wanted to mimic the MBA Legacy campaign from a decade earlier, and create a culture of giving that would persist and continue to affect the school positively even after thy graduated.
  • Who is in charge of the BBA Legacy campaign?
    The campaign is overseen by the Undergraduate Business Council and the Alumni Giving Office. The Undergraduate Business Council chose a committee of 12 members to oversee the campaign's operations – the committee developed publicity, created events, and organized outreach to make BBA Legacy as appealing to students as possible.
  • What percentage of students has given to McCombs in past years?
    2013: 29.00%
    2012 : 5.13%
  • How can I get involved with the BBA Legacy campaign?
    There are many ways that students can get involved in BBA Legacy:
    1. 1. Donate at the tables during the campaign or online
    2. 2. Attend the BBA Legacy events throughout the two weeks of the campaign
    3. 3. Tell your friends to donate and attend the events!
  • When are the events during BBA Legacy Week?
    • Monday, March 24: Party in the Atrium
    • Wednesday, March 26: Midnight Munchies
    • Tuesday, April 1: Pie a Prez-or-Prof
    • Friday, April 4: Senior Send-off