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  • Students in front of the sign "where leadership is earned" advertising that for the summer traditional bba couses are open to non-business students.

Traditional BBA summer courses

Come in We're Open: link to registration information for the summer courses for non business students at the McCombs School of Business
Registration Information

Our traditional BBA courses at McCombs are available for anyone enrolled at the University of Texas to gain business-savvy during the summer. These courses are taught by our world-renowned faculty and are usually restricted to business students. We guarantee they'll sharpen your business sense. It doesn't matter what field you're in, as long as you've taken the necessary prerequisites for the business courses you want to take, you’re good to go!

Non-UT Students

Are you a student at another university, looking to add business courses to your itinerary while in Austin for the summer? Then McCombs welcomes you, too! Check prerequisites and establish eligibility with a transcript from your home school. It’s easy to check which in-state courses from your home school transfer to UT Austin with the Automated Transfer Equivalency system.

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites

(all courses below are planned for Summer 2016)

ACC 311 – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - Familiarize yourself with concepts of financial accounting and their application in transaction analysis and financial statement preparation. Gain experience analyzing statements. Prerequisite: 24 semester hours of college credit.

ACC 312 – Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting - Increase your understanding of the principles of cost behavior, budgeting, responsibility accounting, cost control and product costing. Prerequisite: Accounting 311 or 311H.

BA 324 – Business Communication: Oral and Written - Employ theory and practice of effective communication using models from business situations to strengthen your interpersonal skills. Prerequisite: E 603A, RHE 306, 306Q, 309K, or Tutorial Course 603A.

BGS 370 – 10-Nontechnical Exploration and Production - Introduction to the oil and gas exploration and production business for nontechnical personnel. Subjects include prospect generation and leasing, drilling, production, processing, transportation, and closing out a project. Prerequisite: Restricted to students in Energy Management Certificate Program; Sophomore standing. 

FIN 357 – Business Finance - Learn principles of finance and their application to the business firm. Focus on cost of capital, investment decisions, management of assets and procurement of funds. Prerequisite: Statistics 309 or 309H, and credit or registration for Accounting 312 or 312H.

FIN 367 – Investment Management - Explore the basics of formulating objectives and strategies for investment theory, alternatives and decision-making under uncertainties and constraints. Develop conceptual managerial perspectives and philosophies for investment environments. Prerequisite: Finance 357 or 357H.

FIN 376 – International Finance - Expand your knowledge of the international financial environment with emphasis on the factors affecting exchange rates and how exchange rate changes affect the firm. Prerequisite: Finance 357 or 357H.

FIN 370 – Integrative Finance - Incorporate decision-making in functional areas of finance. Utilize concepts related to strategies, policies, and procedures in managing funds to achieve objectives. Restricted to students in a business major. Prerequisite: 90 semester hours of college coursework; Finance 367 or 367Q; credit or registration for one of the following: Accounting 353J, 366P, Business Administration 353H, Finance 353, 366P, Management 353, 366P, Management Information Systems 353, 366P, Marketing 353, 366P, Operations Management 353, 366P; and three additional semester hours of coursework in finance or real estate.

LEB 323 – Business Law and Ethics - Gain knowledge about the role of law in society related to legal reasoning, dispute resolution, judicial process, constitutional law, agency, torts and government regulations. Study contracts and familiarize yourself with principles of business ethics.

LEB 370 – 13-Contracts and Real Property - General real property interests, including land, mineral, and riparian interests. Subjects include duty of landowners; nonpossessory interest in real property; fixtures; liens; co-ownership of real property; the real estate contract; the broker's listing agreements; deeds; and mortgages. Prerequisite: Restricted to students in Energy Management Certificate Program

LEB 370 – 14-Oil and Gas Law - Ownership interests in the oil and gas mineral estate. Subjects include conveyance and partition of the mineral estate; trespass and third party claims; and oil and gas lease provisions. Prerequisite: Restricted to students in Energy Management Certificate Program; Consent of Instructor

MAN 336 – Organizational Behavior - Explore the process of managing organizations and the behavior of individuals and groups within an organizational setting. Prerequisite: credit or registration for three semester hours of coursework in anthropology, psychology, or sociology.

MAN 337 – Entrepreneurship - Learn the fundamental mechanics and strategies for starting a business.

MAN 374 – General Management and Strategy - Analyze business situations from the point of view of the general manager. Address key tasks involved in management including strategic decisions to ensure the long-term health of the firm or division. Restricted to BBA students. Prerequisites: MAN 336, 336H, OM 335, or 335H; credit or registration for Finance 357 or 357H, and Marketing 337 or 337H; and credit or registration for the internship course.

MIS 301 – Introduction to Information Technology Management - Explore how information technology improves decision-making, business processes, operations and organizational design. Recognize its role in management, finance, marketing, human resources and operations.

MIS 325 – Database Management - Study data-modeling topics (beginning and intermediate) for relational database management systems.

MKT 337 – Principles of Marketing - Expand your understanding of the marketing system and basic marketing activities to provide a framework for marketing-strategy development and the implementation of marketing tools and tactics. Prerequisite: Statistics 309 or 309H.

OM 335 – Operations Management - Learn the operations or production function and the skills to analyze and solve operations-related problems. Prerequisite: Credit or registration for Statistics 309 or 309H.

STA 371G – Statistics and Modeling - Develop optimization techniques for various models: deterministic (linear and integer programming) and stochastic (queuing, simulation, Markov chains). Prerequisites: MIS 301, 301H, or 310; and STA 309 or 309H.

*NOTE: Credit or registration for Business Administration 324 or 324H has been waived for all nonbusiness students for the summer.