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Canfield BHP graduates have a solid foundation in all business disciplines. Most pair their Canfield BHP major with additional majors to specialize in another area of business or outside of business. You can truly forge your own path, following your interests. Our graduates start their careers in positions such as consultant, investment banking analyst, supply chain analyst, financial analyst, account executive and marketing coordinator. Many also choose to go on to pursue master’s degrees, medical degrees or law degrees. 

Canfield BHP has a career coach specifically dedicated to its students. Your first semester includes a class taught by the career coach that introduces you to the various business majors, and techniques and tips that will help you succeed in college and beyond.
Greta Fenley holds a Master of Human Relation in Counseling from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Criminal 
Justice from Northeastern State University. Greta was also a Career Counselor at Texas State University in San Marcos. 
Greta is an advocate for self-awareness, accountability, and respect for diversity and aims to inspire in others the tenacity to create the life one envisions.

Career Management

McCombs has one of the best career management departments in the nation. Canfield BHP students have access to a dedicated career coach over their four years in the program. Every student in the program will also participate in a career planning course with their career coach. Career Management also hosts a large number of events throughout the year to help students connect with employers, prepare for interviews and find out more about career paths. Additionally, Canfield BHP hosts events each semester to connect students with our corporate partners and with alumni working in various industries.

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Every McCombs student is required to complete an internship before graduating. Many Canfield BHP students will actually complete more than one internship over the course of their four years here. Because of Canfield BHP's strong reputation with corporate employers, Canfield BHP students are often recruited into highly desirable internships that position them to be as competitive as possible when they recruit for full-time employment. In the past, students have done internships at each of the "Big Four" accounting firms, Goldman-Sachs, McKinsey, Bain, and Microsoft, along with hundreds of other corporations, reflecting the wide array of interests of Canfield BHP students.

All McCombs students have access to the McCombs job board, career expos and a large number of events aimed to connect students with employers.

Read more about internship experiences of our current students on the Canfield BHP Blog.

For Students Interested In Starting a Company

UT Austin is a great place for students interested in Entrepreneurship. The McCombs School houses the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center supports the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program, allowing students seeking advice on launching their own entrepreneurial venture to connect with successful entrepreneurs. They also host a speaker series featuring serial entrepreneurs. In addition, there are many startup resources available to students both across campus and in the Austin Metro area.

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