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The Business of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Business of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Distributed ledgers (i.e. blockchain technology) can be described as a new method of recording and storing information. A ledger is a place where events such as payments, land sale deeds, marriages and births, or any other transactions are recorded. Usually, a single central authority like a government or bank decides what goes on the ledger. Distributed ledgers rely on a network of nodes to come to a consensus on whether events can be added to the ledger. This is a disruptive concept, because it allows parties who don't trust each other to transact and collaborate, creating a trust-less system of data and value transfer between users without the need of a central authority. Blockchain technology is used in many applications today, from digital currencies, smart contract platforms, or data storage, supply chain, healthcare, digital identity, and many other applications.

The University of Texas Blockchain Initiative has three main goals: (i) to support faculty and graduate students research on blockchain across colleges at the University of Texas at Austin; (ii) to teach students the main concepts related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments; (iii) to be the hub of knowledge for external relations with industry practitioners, policymakers, and media.

Learn More About Blockchain

The financial sector is experiencing a rapid technological transformation that is affecting all areas of finance, from banking to lending, investing, wealth management, payments. Machine learning, blockchain technology, and Internet of Things are radically changing the way financial service products are offered. You can get ahead of the curve and stay up to date on the latest innovation in finance by enrolling in the online UT-Austin Professional Certificate “Fintech: the Future of Finance” offered through the edX platform.

The blockchain initiative also support the Fintech Research Lab, a cutting-edge laboratory where UT faculty and students explore with the latest innovations in finance, from payments to decentralize finance protocols. The mission of the lab is to advance the knowledge in the Fintech sector, and train the next generations of leaders in finance.

Faculty Advisory Board

Meet the faculty on the board of the University of Texas Blockchain Initiative.

Cesare Fracassi

Cesare Fracassi

Director of the Blockchain Initiative

Associate Professor of Finance

Tejwansh Anand Headshot for Blockchain

Tejwansh Anand

Clinical Professor of IROM

Shalin Gadhavi

Owen Robertson

President, Texas Blockchain

Headshot of Mira Ganor for Blockchain

Mira Ganor

Judge Solomon Casseb, Jr. Research Professor in Law

Anjum Khurshid - Head shot for Blockchain

Anjum Khurshid

Director of Data Integration, Dell Medical School

Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer

Dean, School of Information

Doug Morrice

Doug Morrice

Bobbie and Coulter R. Sublett Centennial Professor in Business

Image of Laura Starks

Laura Starks

Charles E. & Sarah M. Seay Regents’ Chair in Finance

Wynn Lemmons

Wynn Lemmons

Co-President, Graduate Blockchain Society

Sriram Vishwanath

Sriram Vishwanath

Raytheon Fellowship Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering