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Share your leadership skills with BBA and MBA students as a CLE mentor or participate in our sponsored workshops and events to enhance your own efficacy as a leader.

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About CLE

The Center for Leadership and Ethics (CLE) exists to set the standard for the next generation of leadership. The future is uncertain and we believe if we can help students develop their character and credibility, they will be ready to grasp these challenges. CLE makes effective businesses and enjoyable work environments by creating better prepared, more knowledgeable leaders.

We are excited about the research our faculty are leaders in. We chose our fundamentals because they are key to business challenges today and because we have people who have dedicated their careers to research in these topics.

Click through the three fundamentals below to understand how these form the foundation for how CLE is shaping the next generation of leaders:

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CLE advances original research and provides practicable insights to real world problems through our partnerships and organizations outside McCombs. Offering co-research opportunities between academia and the industry will help students exceed expectations upon graduation. CLE research can take the form of:

  • People Analytics
  • Neuroscience and Leadership
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Quantified Communication

CLE provides students the opportunity to take on projects targeted at addressing the greatest challenges of leaders. This cognitive training can not only develop a deeper level of understanding for our students but also gives them a creative edge.


At the core of good leadership is integrity. Ethics is less about judging right and wrong and more about understanding how the legal, ethical and social implications can change business decisions and impact professional reputations. McCombs seeks to build a core language of ethics by practicing these dilemmas in and outside the classroom, including:

  • Over 100 Ethics Unwrapped videos covering basic ethics, behavioral ethics and business ethics
  • All MBAs are required to take 3 hours of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility course work

CLE believes providing a dialogue around ethics enables well-intentioned people to act ethically in accordance with their values and leadership style. It is our mission to help well-intentioned people make ethical decisions in light of growing complexity. Click HERE to access our Ethics Unwrapped series.


Inspiring and inclusive leadership will continue to be at the forefront of McCombs’ priorities. By enabling leaders and organizations to leverage different talents in the workplace it creates a system that works for everyone. During their time at McCombs, students can challenge biases by:

  • Attending a workshop on Diversity and Team Effectiveness during Orientation
  • Taking Leading People, one of the two options for core class requirements
  • MBA students step outside their comfort zone and hone their leadership skills during our annual trek across Patagonia, Chile

CLE strives to assess unintended bias in the classroom, produce more inclusive leaders, and maximize the impact of diverse leaders.

Our Team

Our team extends well beyond CLE faculty and staff across all of McCombs. We are honored to have award winning teachers and researchers forwarding the mission every day.

Caroline Bartel

Caroline Bartel

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Management Dept.


Ethan Burris standing in front of a chalkboard in the Google offices.

Ethan Burris

Associate Faculty

Management Dept.


Laura Guenther standing in front of a bookcase.

Laura Guenther


Management Dept.