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Salem Center for Policy

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The Salem Center works with students, policy makers, and business leaders to advance the use of data science in public policy research and practice.

We support original research, curricula, and public events that build support for evidence-based evaluations of public policy choices. It is our mission to arm current and future policy entrepreneurs with the tools needed to scrutinize the relationship between government policies and the economic well-being of a free society.

No solutions, Only trade-offs

In the realm of public policy, there are no silver bullets and no magical cure alls. Every intervention is a choice between competing interests that can be measured, analyzed, and interpreted. Our work draws from multiple disciplines and empirical methods to help navigate these trade-offs in pursuit of human flourishing and the preservation of a free society.

Our Commitment

Housed at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, Salem Center is committed to supporting research, practical tools, and dialogues that span the worlds of academia, public policy, and business.

For more information on the Salem Center's research, events, lectures, podcasts, and student opportunities, please visit our website.