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Wealth Management Program

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The Vision

Texas McCombs’ brand value and national stature give it a unique position to facilitate the evolution of the Wealth Management industry and to make a significant contribution to students, employers, the profession and academic researchers. We aim to connect the academic community with the Wealth Management industry, creating a unique opportunity to train the next generation of Wealth Management professionals, lead cutting-edge research in the field and convene a forum for Wealth Management professionals to network and innovate alongside faculty.

Charles Schwab FoundationWith a gift from Charles Schwab Foundation, in partnership with Schwab Advisor Services, McCombs will establish the Charles Schwab Foundation Financial Planning Lab and the Charles Schwab Foundation Wealth Management Conference Room. The McCombs Wealth Management Program will bridge together the academic community and industry partners, build a pipeline of future talented leaders in wealth management and change the way the world invests in its financial future.



  • Our program will be housed in a top-ranked business school at a prestigious research university.
  • Texas McCombs will offer rigorous, formal classes, with lectures and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Our students will start with a foundation of strong business training that will be complemented with hard and soft skill training relevant to the industry.
  • There will be scholarship opportunities for students pursuing the program.
  • Students, faculty and staff will have access to a state-of-the-art financial lab funded by Charles Schwab Foundation.

Contact Us

For more information please contact:

Ramesh RaoDr. Ramesh K.S. Rao
Eugene and Margaret McDermott Professor of Finance
Director of Wealth Management Center
512-475-8756 | CBA 6.304E


Dima Shamoun headshotDima Yazji Shamoun, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Director
CBA 6.208


Will Way headshotWilliam Way, CPA, CF
Distinguished Senior Lecturer
Academic Program Coordinator
512-471-8169 | GSB 5.176F


Ian IshakIan Ishak
Administrative Program Coordinator
512-471-5668 | CBA 6.236

Evolving Landscape

The wealth management industry is rapidly evolving in response to changing demographics, technology, investment in innovation and the increasing demand for financial planning advice and services. It is estimated that 10,000 baby boomers have and will turn 65 each day from 2011 to 2029 and they face a $4.1 trillion "retirement gap." As a result, the demand for financial planning services is increasing and the industry is evolving to fill this need.

This need is expected to increase as the financial planning landscape gets more complicated due to tax changes, regulation, assets' complexity and the growing demand for alternative asset classes. More and more, registered investment advisors indicate that they would like to hire students with both quantitative and "soft" interpersonal skills. 

Further, there is critical need for increased communication between academic researchers exploring wealth management solutions and the industry professionals using them. Thus, a platform to convene state-of-the-art academic research and such concerns could revolutionize the Wealth Management industry.

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The Wealth Management Center at McCombs

The Wealth Management Center will focus on educating students, building partnerships with industry, leading academic and applied research and facilitating community outreach. These four areas, housed within a top-ranked business school, will bridge the academic community and industry partners and change the way the world invests in its financial future.

This center will function around four pillars:

Student Education

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Student Education

  • Undergraduate Minor in Wealth Management
  • Student Mentoring
  • Career Support
  • Student Club
  • Certificate Program

Industry Partnerships

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Industry Partnerships

  • Wealth Management Network
  • Seminars
  • Advisory Board
  • Speaker Exchange Network
  • Single Family Office (SFO) Collaboration

Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

  • Community Education Forums
  • Industry Open House
  • Financial Literacy for targeted affiliated industries
  • Financial Literacy Workshop in McCombs High School Camps

Academic Advancement

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Academic Advancement

  • Focus on Wealth Management and Household Finance
  • Data sharing to advance research and insights in the industry
  • Production of applied “white” papers bearing Company and McCombs names


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