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The Texas MSF faculty is comprised of leaders and innovators in industry as well as in the world of research. Our professors are a huge part of the Texas MSF's continued success; take a look at the lecturers and professors who will prepare the next generation of finance professionals for greatness.

Patrick Badolato

Patrick Badolato, PhD


Fred Beach, PhD


John C. Butler headshot

John Butler, PhD

Director, Clinical Associate Professor

Carlos Carvalho headshot

Carlos Carvalho, PhD

Associate Professor

Dain Donelson headshot

Dain Donelson, PhD

Associate Professor

Cesare Fracassi

Cesare Fracassi, PhD

Assistant Professor

Joe Hahn Headshot

Joe Hahn, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Laura Starks Texas McCombs Faculty

Laura Starks, PhD

Professor, Finance

Ehud Ronn headshot

Ehud Ronn, PhD


Jan Schneider MS Finance Faculty

Jan Schneider, PhD

Assistant Professor

Michael Sadler headshot

Michael Sadler, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Sheridan titman mccombs faculty

Sheridan Titman, PhD


Stathis Tompaidis

Stathis Tompaidis, PhD


Ken Wiles headshot

Ken Wiles, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor