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MS Information Technology and Management Curriculum

The Texas Master of Science in Information Technology and Management program utilizes cutting edge curriculum to address the changing landscape of technology-enabled businesses and career opportunities.

Our 36 credit hour, 10 month intensive program develops foundational skills in information systems and technologies, hones adaptive problem solving through forward-thinking courses, and culminates in a capstone experience fulfilling real world companies' technological needs. Dates for orientation and classes will be provided to applicants admitted to the program. Contact the MSITM Program Office with additional questions.


Curriculum Paths & Capstone Course

The Master of Science in Information Technology and Management currently offers a number of electives in emerging technologies. The Capstone Course is required of all students and is an opportunity to work with real world companies to build systems utilizing technologies learned in the MSITM curriculum. With approval from the Program Director, the opportunity to take up to six credit hours outside of your program offerings is possible on an as available basis. For any questions regarding our curriculum options, please contact

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Capstone Course

The MS IT and Management Capstone course combines adaptive analytical skills, traditional and emerging technologies, and business acumen to prepare students for the step from classroom to career. All MSITM students are required to participate in the IT Capstone course and are able to indicate or suggest areas of interest.

MSITM Capstone will involve building a system utilizing technologies learned in the MSITM curriculum. Faculty will work with companies during the summer and fall semester to identify relevant projects for teams of 4-5 students. Student teams will begin planning the capstone project in late fall, and the spring semester will be spent building and implementing the proposed system.

By working with real companies, students gain practical experience developing innovative technological solutions. The Capstone course demonstrates the skills students have acquired throughout the program in a real-world setting.

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