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Why McCombs

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The McCombs Doctoral Difference

Our Texas McCombs Ph.D. Program is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching at leading academic institutions throughout the world.

We thrive in a city of ideas, a community of achievers grounded by smarts, hard work, unfettered collaboration, and belief in enterprise as a positive means of improving human society. If you'd like to be an integral part of the exceptional talent and innovation, we'd love to have you as a part of the team.

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You'll Be Challenged

Pursuing a doctoral degree is a lengthy and demanding experience. You will be challenged to solve problems, go beyond the boundaries of current knowledge to make new discoveries. Whether rigorously preparing in the basic disciplines or producing papers of original research, students hit the ground running and work closely with faculty from day one. Students have clear and defined milestones that help guide them toward successful completion of their degrees.

Be yourself. We aren’t going to try and mold you in our image. We know your research interests will shift as you progress through the program. If you’re ready to dedicate yourself to excellence in research and embrace the values of learning, innovation, and creativity - we are there to mentor and guide you.

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You'll Be Supported

Work with leading faculty 1:1. Our mentorship approach partners you with some of the world’s most renowned academics, to work collaboratively with you and guide your investigation of ideas. Ph.D. students work directly with these faculty and benefit from small seminars, lab meetings, and one-on-one mentoring.

Dive into multi-disciplinary research. You’ll be encouraged to collaborate with faculty members across disciplines — and throughout the university.

Join a supportive community of scholars. You will be connected to other highly talented individuals with varying backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures. They will inspire you to develop Big Ideas, broaden your thinking and you will continually learn from one another.

Be strengthened by our leadership. In 2017, the Provost and Dean announced the investment of an additional $1.6 million dollars toward our Ph.D. programs to enable attracting the best students and enhancing doctoral student resources. 

Participate in diversity initiatives. We believe that collaboration drives everything we do. In a complex and continually changing world, we strive to develop students with mindsets that transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. Please explore our Diversity and Inclusion strategic goals, as well as our participation in PhD Project to promote diversity in business school faculty.  

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You'll Be Inspired

What starts in Austin changes the world. The real world business laboratory right in our backyard helps prepare Texas McCombs graduates for global opportunities.

Connect With a Global Network. Texas McCombs is a globally recognized brand. The value of your doctoral degree is measured in more than dollars and cents. You also gain priceless membership in a lifelong alumni network that will continue to support and accelerate your career.

Become a thought leader. We cultivate principled leaders and develop ideas that will advance our economy, improve lives, strengthen our communities, and create new knowledge for future generations. 


Are You Ready to Change the World?

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Texas McCombs Doctoral Program is seeking individuals who are interested in transforming the global marketplace. Are you one of these future thought leaders?