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Health and Insurance Requirements

Insurance Abroad for Exchange Programs

Students participating in any study abroad program at UT, including BBA exchange programs, are required to have international health insurance, liability insurance, repatriation and evacuation coverage, and travel insurance per a directive by The University of Texas System. To facilitate this directive, the UT Study Abroad Office has contracted with an insurance provider to provide a high quality, low cost plan. All students will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the required insurance! The insurance coverage is effective during the abroad program dates; therefore, it is strongly encouraged to maintain U.S. health insurance coverage in case treatment is necessary upon return to the States or if traveling before the program start.

Students will be automatically enrolled in the required insurance and the fee of $19/week will go to UT Direct "What I Owe."  This will cover all the mandatory insurance coverage:  health insurance, travel insurance, liability insurance, emergency services, repatriation and evacuation. 

Please note that if your host school or country requires you to purchase their insurance, you will have to purchase BOTH insurance policies to satisfy UT’s requirement and the partner school’s requirement. Plan your budget accordingly. Please review your partner school "Read First" document on the BBA International Programs Blackboard Community for information we have gathered about insurance, but you will need to carefully check the materials you receive from your partner school for any changes or updates. It is your responsibility to make sure you follow and obtain insurance requirements for your school/country.

International Student ID Cards (ISIC)

UT students studying abroad can elect to get the ISIC, International Student ID Card, which provides proof recognized world-wide of your student status (great for discounts!). ISICs can be obtained online or by visiting the UT International Office.

International SOS – Emergency Services Provider

BBA study abroad students will be provided with an International SOS membership card during their Pre-Departure Workshop. As member of the SOS network, students can use SOS in the event of a health or safety emergency abroad. However, whatever services you call on SOS to provide must be paid for by you personally. SOS is a special emergency service provider; it is not insurance. Detailed instructions on how to utilize the International SOS services are in Blackboard.

Students should also register their trip abroad with International SOS, for expedited help in case of emergency. Students can also upload copies of your passport and other documents, sign up for medical and security reports, find English speaking doctors abroad, get help finding if medications are legal in certain countries, look up detailed information about countries, and call them collect 24/7. This is an invaluable resource! Learn more at Students will be provided with their International SOS membership number at the Pre-Departure Workshop.

Travel Health Services

University Health Services provides students travel health services to help you prepare for your trip abroad (UT ID required). Charges apply travel health consultations, immunizations, and physical exams. There is an additional fee for completing forms associated with physical exams, including travel and study abroad. UHS can bill your insurance for the physical exam, but because insurance does not cover charges for completing forms, that portion will be billed to your What I Owe account. Learn more at

  • Visit Travel Health Online to receive free, up-to-date information about which vaccines you will need for each country you plan to visit (registration required).
  • Take the UHS online travel health course
  • Call the Allergy and Immunization Clinic at 512-475-8301 to make an appointment with the travel health nurse

Page last updated: 9/22/2014