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Preparing to Come

Courses and Registration

Please use the websites listed below to review courses for your exchange semester(s) at UT. The course selection form is online and is due mid-October for spring semesters and mid-April for fall semesters. We request seat reservations with the business departments based on your preliminary selections (the department has final approval). Actual registration occurs during Orientation right before the semester begins. The course request process is NOT registration. Adds and drops are possible during the first four days of class.

To Find Course Information

Course Schedule:

Use the course schedule to find classes offered for a particular semester, including days and meeting times. Courses are listed alphabetically by department.

Course Syllabi for both UT and McCombs School of Business courses:

This website provides syllabus information for all courses at UT:

You can also visit the business department’s Web sites directly and look for the link to view syllabi, which lists the full description, content, assignments, and grading information for each course. 

  1. Accounting
  2. Business, Government and Society (BGS and Business Law - LEB - courses)
  3. Finance (includes FIN and Real Estate courses)
  4. Information, Risk and Operations Management (IROM, includes courses for MIS, Operations Management, Risk Management and Statistics)
  5. International Business,  (IB courses are offered through the Marketing Department)
  6. Management (includes MAN and BA courses)
  7. Marketing

Syllabi for the upcoming semester are not available before classes begin, but versions from earlier semesters are. Often the changes from one semester to the next are minimal. 

Undergraduate Catalog:

Contains brief descriptions of all possible university courses listed by 1) school, i.e. McCombs School of Business, Liberal Arts, Engineering, etc., and 2) department. Please note that all the courses in the catalog are not offered each semester, you must look at the Course Schedule for that information.

Selecting courses – Read Carefully!

  1. Exchange students register for four or five courses; at least two of which must be business courses.  For the others, you may choose any undergraduate course that is interesting or useful to you. You must enroll for at least 12 hours of academic credit, generally 4 classes. The maximum number of credits you can take is 17.
  2. Under each course title you will find one or more five-digit unique number(s). Each unique number represents a separate section of the course. Each section has a separate meeting time.
  3. The course number tells how many hours of academic credit the course is worth and the level.
  • The first digit of the course number indicates the course credit. For example, FIN 376 is worth three hours of academic credit (and also often indicates how many hours per week the course meets). The second number, “76,” indicates that it is an advanced course.
  • Courses with second numbers from 01-19 are beginning or lower-division courses, while those with second numbers ranging from 20-79 are intermediate and advanced courses. Courses with numbers from 80-99 are graduate courses and are NOT open to BBA students or BBA exchange students. The MBA and BBA programs are completely separate.
  • Course numbers that include “F”, ex. FIN 320F, indicate that a course is for non-business students. The content is not appropriate for business majors, and you cannot take these courses. Each topic is modified from a regular business major course, which you would take instead.  An exception is FIN 375F which is designed for finance majors.
  • An “H” as part of the course number, ex. MKT 337H, indicates the course as part of the Business Honors Program.  These classes are reserved to the students with this major.  There is always a non-honors course offering for these topics.

           ACC 311 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
           ACC 312 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
           FIN 357 Business Finance
           OM 335 Operations Management
           MAN 336 Organizational Behavior
           MIS 301 Information Technology in Business
           MIS 304 Introduction to Problem Solving Programming
           MKT 337 Principles of Marketing

While we cannot guarantee that you will get every class, we work very hard with the departments and have had excellent results in getting students into the business courses they really need. In departments outside the business school, we don't have the same influence. With few exceptions, however, most instructors have been willing to help accommodate exchange students.

Brass Ring Program

International exchange students have a unique opportunity to gain actual U.S. workplace experience, build their resume, develop a business network, and earn course credit through OM 366P with the McCombs Brass Ring Program during the spring semester only. The Brass Ring Program offers teams of McCombs business students the chance to gain real-world experience by working with central Texas organizations on a semester long project. Brass Ring teams have worked on projects for organizations like Dell, NetBotz, Solectron, Applied Research Labs, IBM, BuildForge, Any Baby Can, Commemorative Brands, Applied Materials, Smarter Solutions and numerous others.

Each four-to-seven-person team works on a significant business project for six to eight hours per student per week – for class credit. One international exchange student can be accepted to each team, of which there are usually between six to eight teams per semester. Please be aware that the OM 366P Brass Ring Program course counts as one of the UT classes for the semester, and requires a significant amount of time commitment and effort to your team.  

Accepted international exchange students for the spring term will be notified via email with information on the application instructions and deadlines to apply to this unique program. To learn more, visit the Brass Ring Program Web site. WAIT to receive the information about application that will be emailed later in the semester, please do not contact the professor at this point.

Academic Integrity

International exchange students must adhere to the UT and McCombs codes of conduct and academic integrity policies during their participation on a BBA exchange program. All cases of possible scholastic dishonesty are referred to the Dean of Students' Judicial Services.

    • A “W” in the course number indicates the class is a “substantial writing component” course. These classes require more writing than most other UT courses.
    • Don’t request more than two.
    • The core or introductory courses for each business area are:
    • Disregard the fees marked under the titles of courses, and disregard the notes “restricted” and “closed.”  Restricted indicates the class is restricted to business majors, and closed means the class at the time is full, but this can change during the various add/drop periods.  If a class is marked “cancelled,” it will not be offered that semester.
    • Departmental topics courses (MAN 337, MKT 372, IB 372), list different subjects under the same course number.  For example, both “Marketing Communications” and “Customer Insights” may be offered as MKT 372.  As separate, advanced courses, it is possible to register for both.
    • To read past students’ evaluations of individual courses and instructors, and sometimes grade distribution information, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning .
    • McCombs School of Business Code of Conduct
    • UT Austin Standard of Academic Integrity


    While the BBA International Programs Office cannot find housing for incoming exchange students, we provide the following information to assist you in your search for housing. Finding housing in Austin can be very challenging, especially for the fall semester.  We encourage you to start looking early, and realize that you may need to live on a shuttle bus route, rather than within walking distance of campus. 

    Some apartment complexes will not rent to students for just one semester and prefer to rent for the entire year.  When you are searching for housing, if you are staying for just one semester specify this at the beginning of your conversation with the facility. 


    • Simply International
    • Costs and Location
    • Sublease from UT students
    • Co-ops and Dormitories
    • Other Housing Possibilities around Austin & Helpful Sites
      The International Office has a comprehensive listing on short-term and long-term housing options: 
    • Complaints

    Insurance and Immunizations

    Health Insurance

    All international students are required to purchase the UT student policy health insurance.  This will be automatically billed along with your registration administrative charge after arrival to Austin. Information about costs and coverage as well as the program details is below.

    Immunization Records

    Upon arrival to Austin, international exchange students will have to present their immunization records and take the TB and Vaccination History Form (below) to the University Health Services, Allergy / Immunization Clinic located on the second floor of the Student Services building (SSB), and go through tuberculin screening. If a tuberculin skin test is required, it costs about $80. Please note the tuberculin skin test must be administered in the U.S.!

    Students will be advised on any immunizations needed to be able to register (MMR, meningococcal). These immunization records are required of all students who register at UT for the first time.   There is a fee charged for any immunizations administered by UHS.

    Students will be advised on any immunizations needed to be able to register (MMR, meningococcal). These immunization records are required of all students who register at UT for the first time.   There is a fee charged for any immunizations administered by UHS.

    For more information on medical requirements for international students, visit the University Health Services Web site at

    Immigration Briefing and Check-in

    Also after arrival in Austin, international exchange students will have to attend a 75 minute Immigration Briefing and Check-In at the International Office as part of the Orientation activities.  Students sign up in advance for these sessions online.

    Orientation and Arrival Information


    BBA international exchange students studying at McCombs for the semester are encouraged to attend orientation activities, campus tours, shopping trips, and city tours coordinated by the UT International Office. However, all BBA exchange students are required to attend the McCombs international exchange student orientation including advising and registration appointments.

      Arrival Information

      International exchange students will be required to enter their flight information in an online portal. Your UT EID will be required to access the system.

      Airport Transfer

      Upon acceptance, exchange students will receive an email from the BBA International Programs office with an electronic voucher for a one-way shuttle service from the airport to your Austin place of residence or hotel.