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  • What can I gain from studying abroad? What are the personal and professional benefits?
  • I only speak English. Where can I go? 
  • I am proficient in a foreign language – what are my options? 
  • I'm not sure where I want to go - where can I find more information?  
  • Are the BBA International Programs open to any business major? 
  • When is the best time for me to study abroad?
  • Which school would provide my best fit? 
  • If I can't find a BBA International Program I want to go on, are there other options?


  • Can I study abroad and still graduate on time? 
  • Are there any pre-requisites for studying abroad?
  • What courses are offered abroad? 
  • When do I register for classes abroad? 
  • How will study abroad courses count towards my degree?
  • When will I know what credits I will receive from studying abroad? 
  • Will the grades from studying abroad count in my UT GPA? 
  • How are the grades determined? 
  • Am I able to take classes Pass/Fail? 
  • Are classes abroad more difficult than at UT? 
  • Is there enough time outside the classroom to get to visit other places, such as cultural sites? 


  • How much will study abroad cost?
  • Can I use my regular financial aid when I study abroad?
  • Are there any scholarships for studying abroad?
  • What is the exchange rate?
  • Where can students exchange money?
  • What are Travelers Checks and where can they be obtained/used?
  • What is the best way to send money from the U.S. to the host country?
  • How much spending money is needed?


  • How do I apply?
  • How hard it is to be accepted to go abroad?  What are the selection criteria?
  • What will I need to do if I am accepted to study abroad?
  • Do terms and semester vary between schools?
  • What do students do when the school goes on holiday (i.e. winter break)?
  • Are parents and families allowed to visit the students? Can families stay with students in their on-campus housing?
  • How safe is the campus?
  • How safe is the city?
  • What happens in the case of an emergency? Will students have an in-country contact?

Medical Insurance

  • Do students need to get an international travel and sickness insurance if they have an existing policy in the U.S
    Yes. Obtaining international travel accident and sickness insurance coverage is required prior to departure. Per UT Austin policy, students will be automatically enrolled in a health and liability insurance plan which is a discounted plan available to UT students for about $19 per week. This insurance plan only provides coverage while abroad; therefore, it is strongly encouraged to maintain U.S. health insurance coverage in case treatment is necessary upon return to the States. For more information on the health and liability insurance requirements, visit the Insurance page on the Web site.
  • What special immunizations are needed to study abroad?
  • Do students need to take a copy of their medical records?

Housing and Meals

  • Where do students live?
  • What are the safest places to live?
  • Is it possible to have a roommate in a dorm or an apartment?
  • Who is responsible for making housing arrangements?
  • If students live in on-campus housing, are meals included as part of the tuition?
  • How much does it cost to live in an apartment? Are students allowed to still eat on campus?
  • What will the food be like?


  • What documents (passports, visas) are needed to travel abroad?
  • Is there a timeline to apply for a passport or visa?
  • Do all countries require student visas?
  • What are the common means of transportation while abroad?
  • Who is responsible for making transportation arrangements?
  • How do students travel from the airport to their in-country housing location?
  • Are students allowed to travel between countries?
  • Where can students receive advice about travel?
  • What are some helpful travel resources and links?

Personal Items

  • Are things like bedding and computers provided? What other personal items should be taken?
  • Is there a recommended packing list?


  • Will students have access to email while abroad?
  • How does snail mail work overseas?
  • Can students use a calling or credit card to call home? How can families call students abroad? Do students usually purchase cell phones while abroad?


  • Do students receive an orientation once they arrive to the host country?
  • Will students receive an interpreter if the language is unfamiliar?

Page last updated: 6/5/2017