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Internships and Work Abroad

Do you want to gain professional experience by interning or working abroad? Here are some places to begin exploring work and internship abroad options. If you have questions regarding the process of working or interning abroad, please visit with a BBA International Programs Coordinator and a BBA Career Services Advisor.

Internships Abroad

McCombs undergraduate students have a few options for pursuing an internship overseas.  It is important to note that unless you have dual citizenship or work authorization in another country, your internship will likely be unpaid.  Unless you have connections abroad, it will be difficult to recruit for overseas internships from Austin. Most students who intern abroad do so in conjunction with either a study or intern abroad program.  Here is a list of programs that previous McCombs undergraduates have done and which have been successful both in terms of the experience and in satisfying their internship requirement.

UT Study Abroad International Internships – The UT International Office has several international internship options in cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Barcelona. UT works with a local company to find internships and provides an onsite orientation, housing, and support.  Upon receipt of their internship placement, McCombs students then apply for internship credit using the existing process outlined on the BBA Career Services website. Please note that these programs are run through the main UT International Office, not the BBA International Programs Office.

Australia: University of New South Wales - The UNSW Study Abroad Office organizes internships for international exchange students; however, participants must pay a separate charge of $1,800 Australian dollars. Exchange students can also use the Careers and Employment Office to find alternate internships once they are matriculated at UNSW. Learn more. Once admitted by UNSW, students may submit their internship application.  Placements are finalized onsite once in Sydney.  As soon as a student accepts the offer, they can petition through a BBA International Programs Coordinator to have this transfer back to UT as their internship class.  Students must take at least 12 hours in Sydney, 3 of which will be the academic part of the internship, which requires weekly class meetings. The previous students who completed this internship satisfied their internship requirement.  All of them have been finance internships.

Mexico: ITESM – Students participating in our BBA exchange program with ITESM in Queretaro, Mexico, may do a professional internship which includes an internship class that satisfies the McCombs internship requirement. The internship application requires a transcript, two passport-sized photos, a resume in English and Spanish, a short essay about the field in which you would like to work, a letter of recommendation from a professor (you can use the same recommendation that is submitted for your UT study abroad application), and US $100 admission fee. Learn more.

Spain: CIEE Seville Business and Society Program - A combined study abroad and internship program during fall or spring semester available through the affiliated study abroad provider, CIEE. Interested students should contact an advisor from the UT Study Abroad Office

Students on the CIEE program: live with a host family in Seville; take an intensive Spanish for Business class; enroll in 12 credit hours among mostly MKT, FIN, MAN, ECO, IB, OM and SPN classes, receive assistance in preparing a resume and cover letter in Spanish; research participating companies and positions available; and attend an internship fair where company representatives interview students in Spanish. Internships are unpaid. The better the student’s Spanish skills, the more options they will have.  Students also enroll in a 3-hour class related to the internship and, assuming the internship meets for at least 160 hours and at least 6 weeks, this class will transfer back to UT as the McCombs internship class. Learn more.

Australia: Australian National University - Full time internships are available as a stand-alone program or after a student’s exchange semester, through the Australian National Internships Program. Learn more

Many of our exchange partner schools allow our students to use their career services office as a resource for finding internships.  Most students who are initially interested in this quickly realize that recruiting for internships while abroad takes up a lot of their free time which might be better spent actually experiencing the culture and making new friends and traveling.

Work Abroad Resources

These organization are NOT affiliated with McCombs BBA. Students are responsible for individually researching each organization to understand the operation and reputation. Also be aware of restrictions on things like studying and working simultaneously or work visa requirements for foreign nationals. 


Alliance Abroad - Alliance Abroad offers customized internship, work, teach and training programs for students and graduates outside of the United States.

AIESEC - AIESEC provides employment opportunities abroad for students. Through their international traineeship exchanges, they offer practical learning experiences in more than 80 countries around the world. There is also an AIESEC chapter in Austin.

BUNAC - The British Universities North American Club will grant you a work visa that will allow you to search for work in a specific country, with or without a job offer. BUNAC has programs of varying lengths in countries like Australia, Britain, Ireland, and New Zealand.

CIEE  - The CIEE program offers opportunities to teach in locations such as Chile, China, Spain, and Thailand, and Spain, France, and Germany.

CDS International - CDS administers programs ranging in duration from three to 18 months. These programs include an internship component, and some have academic or language training elements as well. The variety of program formats enables you to choose the one that best fits your skills and requirements. Primary country destinations are Germany, Argentina, Spain, Switzerland and Russia.

Cultural Embrace - Cultural Embrace offers work, volunteer, internship, and teach abroad opportunities in several countries.

Dickinson College’s International Career Page  - This Web site is a good place to start in order to obtain general and specific information about working abroad.

EUSA  - European Study Abroad - EUSA and the UT Center for Global Educational Opportunities provide summer internship possibilities in London in virtually all professional fields. Contact the UT Study Abroad Office for more information.

InterExchange - InterExchange is a work-placement program that places you in a position and assists you with acquiring the work visa. Positions are available in a number of countries, including Australia, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

International Cooperative Education (ICE) - ICE places students in work/internship positions throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. Positions are available in retail sales, supermarkets, hotels/restaurants, agriculture, offices, hospitals, banks, computer science, engineering, marketing, recreation, and teaching.

International Career Employment Center A comprehensive source of international careers for professionals, including international development jobs.

Intrax Internships Abroad - A professional development program that provides students with summer internships in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, and recently added Santiago and Beijing. Past participants in our program have interned in finance, marketing, and non-profits at top companies like Microsoft, Morningstar, Deutsche Telekom, and BBDO.

ProWorld - A mission-driven organization that offers internship programs in Belize, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ghana, India, and Thailand. Named the “Best Adventure Travel Company” by National Geographic, ProWorld has projects including Community Development, the Environment, Education, Health, Microfinance, and NGO Management.

The Peace Corps - If the idea of working in a typical business environment while abroad doesn't interest you, perhaps volunteer work or social service is an option for your time abroad. The Peace Corps sends individuals to work in emerging and essential areas like teaching, information technology and business development in over 100 countries worldwide. To learn more, you can meet with the Peace Corps recruiter located at UT’s International Office.

SCI-IVS - Civil Service International puts together summer Workcamps overseas and in the U.S.    

Uniworld Database - The Uniworld Database publishes contact directories for multinational businesses. The entire directory can be purchased or you can buy only the results of a specific search.

U.S. Department of State - The U.S. Department of State has various summer internship opportunities available, for all backgrounds and majors. An overseas posting is possible! The application is online; U.S. citizenship is required.

UT Austin, College of Liberal Arts Career Services - The LAS Career Services Office provides a lot of valuable information and has extremely helpful advice for an international job search.

UT Austin, Career Exploration Center - The Career Exploration Center assists undergraduate and graduate students in the exploration and clarification of their majors and careers. We are committed to providing student-centered counseling, assessments, education programs, on-site and on-line resources that empower students in the pursuit of their career goals.


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