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The Planning Process

"Taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and truly being the outsider puts you in a totally different perspective. You’ll not only be able to build on your social skills, but also your ability to adapt to a variety of social environments. This all will help, as you become part of company culture."
Simon Lin ‘03, MIS Major 
University of New South Wales | Sydney, Australia

This page provides parents with an overview of what your student is doing to prepare for his/her study abroad experience. Remember, letting your student do this work themselves (with your help if they ask for it) is important to ensure a positive learning experience, and provides adequate preparation for them to manage these issues while abroad.

Helicopter Parents

"Helicopter Parent" - a term for a person who pays extremely close attention to his or her child, particularly at educational institutions. They're name that because, like a helicopter, they hover closely overhead, rarely out of reach, whether their child needs them or not. Parental over-involvement is a recognized issue in higher education, including study abroad, and can create uncomfortable or potentially detrimental situations for students.

Parents who want to help might end up doing too much for their student. Often, questions that should be handled by students are being asked by parents. This inhibits students' learning and autonomy, and does not allow students to learn how to rely upon themselves, which can create problems both now and especially later when the student is overseas.

Pre-Planning and Researching

Your student will attend a Study Abroad Info Session to get basic information about the opportunities and different program types. These presentations are offered throughout each semester. Other info sessions are offered during their business classes. Students can come into our office to research programs in our extensive resources library to start forming general ideas.

Choosing a Program and Location

With the help of one-on-one counseling, your student will decide where he/she will study, the duration of their study abroad, and what kind of a program works best (exchange, summer program, etc.) based on his/her individual situation, academic and professional goals, major and personal interests.

Meeting with Study Abroad Coordinator

Your student will meet individually with a Study Abroad Coordinator to discuss his/her plans and ask any questions they might have. Students can make as many individual appointments as they wish. 

Preparing to Study Abroad

Two additional in-person meetings with the study abroad coordinators and other students take place during this stage, including the Study Abroad Connection meeting and the Pre-Departure Workshop. These meetings include help with budgeting, travel and safety information, cultural preparation, and guidance on several other topics. Learn more

Leaving and Studying Abroad!

All of your student’s hard work and planning (coupled with your encouragement and support) will finally pay off as your son/daughter embarks on the experience of a lifetime!