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Study Abroad - A Parents' Guide

Resources for Parents


It's exciting, and probably pretty nerve-wracking, for parents when a student studies abroad. Will they be safe? How can we afford to let them study abroad? How can I contact them while they’re overseas?

These are just a few of the questions that you might ask yourself during the planning stages of your student’s study abroad experience. Perhaps a question you may be asking yourself is “How can I help?”

We designed this website for parents to help your student get the most out of his/her study abroad experience. It's important to remember that this entire process is a learning experience for your student, and they should be the one doing all the planning.

It is very important that your student feels confident and shares with you the planning and logistics of their study abroad program. Your daughter or son will be your best source of information concerning these details. Your encouragement and support will be very important in ensuring a positive experience for your student.

Please explore the links on this page to learn more about some important issues concerning studying abroad! If you are looking for details about funding and scholarships see all details here. If you have any questions about safety and security get informed here.  

Page last updated: 10/10/2017