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Housing & Transport


Participants will stay in flats at one of the University of Edinburgh's Halls of Residence. Students will have single bedrooms and share a living room, bathroom and kitchen with several other UT students. Students will be able to request flat mates. The residence is easily accessible to the University of Edinburgh by foot (approximately a ten-minute walk).

  • Earliest check-in to dorms: TBA
  • Latest check-out of dorms: TBA


Transportation from the Airport

Pay approx. £3 to go to the city, or buy a roundtrip ticket for around £5,. Tickets can be purchased from the Airlink bus booth. You will get off the plane and as you head outside after retrieving your baggage, there will be a line for the Airlink bus. Ride the Airlink bus ( to Waverly Station/City Centre, a 25-minute ride (sometimes longer during rush hour). The Airlink bus makes the trip to the city center about every 10 minutes during peak times, terminating at Waverley Bridge near the central railway station. They’ll let you off on Waverly Bridge. At this point, get a taxi and tell them to take you to Sciennes (pronounced ‘Sheens’). The taxi ride will be approximately £5. You can attempt to walk with your baggage, but it is quite a trek.

Transportation within Edinburgh


Buses are the most common mode of transportation. There are two main bus companies: Lothian Buses and First. First operates longer routes that travel to the outskirts of Edinburgh. To ride a bus, tell the bus driver your destination and then purchase a ticket from him/her.


Edinburgh is very compact and many places can be reached by foot. Edinburgh is known for being one of the top cities in the UK for cycling. While you are in Edinburgh, consider “hiring” a bike for a month. The most popular bike rental shop is called BikeTrax. Visit their website at


Trains are easily accessible and fairly inexpensive. Trains are great when traveling to other cities within Scotland or traveling to different countries. Tickets can be bought at the train station or ahead of time.


Taxis in Edinburgh are inexpensive and can hold a lot of people. When hailing a cab, it is important to check and make sure it is a licensed taxi. Visit to see what licensed taxis look like and what to look for inside the taxi to confirm that it is licensed.

Page last updated: 9/15/2014