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Lottery Process & Priority System

MPA SIP Program enrollment is managed via a Lottery Process to give all MPA students the opportunity to participate in a SIP in the fairest way possible. The lottery is an enrollment list whereby students are randomly selected to participate in one of the three MPA SIPs, but are given priority to participate in their first choice program, according to their year in the MPA program. The idea is that the lower you are in your year, the more summers you have to go on a SIP.

Almost any MPA student wishing to participate in an MPA SIP will be able to, but it may not be to their first or second choice location. So we encourage you to keep an open mind and consider all three destinations!

Lottery Process

  1. Enter the MPA Lottery (Opens on October 1st for three weeks only)
    * Any MPA student can sign up on the interest list, and select up to the three MPA programs in order of preference. It doesn't matter when during the two weeks you enter the lottery. Your chances of getting your preferred program are not affected.
  2. After the lottery closes, lists will be randomized
  3. Each priority level will be randomized separately
  4. Students will be placed in their first choice, followed by second choice location, etc.
  5. Emails from BBA IP will be sent to students with their placement, and will contain a link to enroll and submit the online deposit payment.
  6. Student has 48 hours to accept placement and complete the enrollment process, or decline placement and go on waitlist.

Priority System

First Priority  Fourth-year, fifth-year and traditional MPA's
Second Priority  Third-year iMPAs
Third Priority  MPA students who have previously participated in a SIP

Non-Lottery Open Enrollment

Should there be any remaining spots available after the lottery period, enrollment will be opened, and any MPA student will be able to directly enroll in whichever program is still open. Students may also contact the BBA International Office to be placed on a waitlist for one of the closed programs. Students may not be simultaneously enrolled in an open program and on a waitlist.

Page last updated: 9/30/2014