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Financial Information

Studying abroad can be a big financial commitment. BBA IP is committed to providing as much financial guidance as possible as you prepare for your MPA Short-Term International Program (SIP).

Please review the information below for all of your financial aid options. Above all, we encourage you to plan ahead and be proactive in your financial aid search!

Planning for Your Program Costs

Whether you're shopping around for the program that best fits your needs and budget, or you've already selected your program and are looking to fund it, planning is key for successfully financing your studying abroad experience.

Get Started

  • Compare the different locations to find which one best fits your budget.
  • Learn about the cost of living in the different MPA SIP locations (Paris, Prague, Buenos AiresHong Kong), to get a realistic idea of the expenses you will likely incur.
  • Calculate the “real cost” of studying abroad by comparing it to taking 6 hours during the summer at UT. Use the cost comparison worksheet developed by the UT Study Abroad Office and BBA International Programs.
  • Determine your expenses and your income by using our interactive budget calculator.
  • Do research on available scholarships and financial aid options on our site.

Financial Aid

  • Can I apply my financial aid abroad?
    Absolutely! Financial aid may be applied to all MPA Short-Term International Programs. However, please note that the financial aid award package a student receives for a summer in residence at UT may be different than the award package for a summer abroad. Although certain grants such as the Pell Grant may be used abroad, it is very likely that most UT grants will NOT transfer abroad. In most cases, loans will be the primary source of financial aid awarded. For details on whether certain grants may be used abroad, please contact you financial aid advisor.
  • How do I apply for financial aid?
    You apply as you would for any other semester at UT. Please complete the FAFSA application accessible on the FAFSA website by the priority deadline. For additional instructions on FAFSA, please visit UT Office of Student Financial Services.
  • When can I expect my financial aid to be released?
    Financial aid awards are disbursed at the beginning of the summer term. Realistically, this means most students will receive their financial aid in mid-June (once the MPA SIP programs have started). As such, it is important that students arrange for funds to cover expenses prior to departure, as well as immediate expenses for the initial weeks abroad.
    This includes:
    • MPA SIP fee, balance due April 15, 2014
    • University Extension Registration fee, due in March
    • Airfare
    • Food, transportation and miscellaneous expenses for the first few weeks abroad
  • Can I defer my payment of the MPA SIP fee or University Extension Fee until I receive my financial aid?
    Students may not defer their payment of the MPA SIP or UEX fees until release of aid. Students must arrange for funds to pay for these expenses up front, and will be reimbursed back upon release of aid.

Scholarship Applications

To apply:

 global assist




1. Visit the Global Assist website (click on icon)

2. Enter your program code:  

  • Prague MPA 350052
  • Paris MPA 350022
  • Buenos Aires MPA 350124


MPA Short-Term International Program Scholarships

  • MPA SIP Study Abroad Scholarship

    BBA International Programs provides financial assistance to deserving students who are participating in an MPA SIP. Awards are based on merit and financial need.
    Eligibility: Any student participating in an MPA Short-Term International Program.
    Number of awards: Three awards, one per MPA program
    Award amounts: $1500
    Deadline: February 15, 2015
    Application: on Global Assist

  • First Generation Scholarship

    For many first generation students, going to college is just as much about changing things for themselves as it is for their families. Going abroad during college is an additional leap that BBA International Program wished to recognize. This scholarship awards first generation college students who are taking on the additional challenge of study abroad through the BBA International Programs.
    Eligibility: MPA SIP participant who is the first in their immediate family to attend college.
    Number of awards: Three
    Award amounts: $1000
    Scholarship Deadline: February 15, 2015
    Application: on Global Assist
  • MPA Excellence Fund Strategic Location Scholarship

    BKD, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ryan, UHY, Jacobs Family Endmnt for Exc in ACC and the Master in Professional Accounting Program jointly support international experiences for Texas MPA students. The Department of Accounting is allocating previously donated funds from these firms to help MPA students participate in the the Internationa Accounting Programs in Prague, Paris and Buenos Aires
    Total Awards:4 awards for Buenos Aires; 4 awards for Paris; 2 award for Prague.
    Award amount: $1500 each
    Eligibility: Must be an MPA student participating in the MPA Programs in Buenos Aires, Paris or Prague.
    Application Deadline: February 15, 2015
    Application: on Global Assist

Note:  Please refrain from contacting D&T, E&Y, KPMG or PWC directly for any scholarship-related questions or to submit your application.  Applications are submitted via the Global Assist system, and any questions should be addressed to

*Applications will open on December 1, 2014

  • Texas Competitive Scholarship Waiver

This scholarship is provided by the state of Texas in order to offset the cost of non-resident UT-tuition for the BBA SIP programs, UT has committed this scholarship for merit- based non-resident students. 
Eligibility: Open to non-Texas undergraduate MPA students (3rd and 4th yr iMPA) students participating in one of the MPA SIPs
Number of awards: Varies 
Award amount: $1000 plus in-state tuition waiver 
Scholarship Deadline: February 15, 2015
Application: Download Application Here

 Other Scholarships

  • International Education Fee Scholarship

     Eligibility: Open to any UT students studying or conducting research abroad.  Apply on Global Assist. 
    Award amount: Approximately $1200-$1800
    Application Deadline: February 15, 2015
    Application: on Global Assist

  • First Abroad Scholarship

    The First Abroad Scholarship provides first-generation college students with the opportunity to study abroad by reducing the financial burden. Approximately 25 recipients a year will receive a one-time scholarship of $3,000 to help cover the cost of the UT-approved study abroad program of their choice. Recipients have up to two academic years to select a program and participate, ensuring sufficient time to plan their study abroad experience. For example, a student who is awarded a First Abroad Scholarship in May 2012 may use the scholarship in any term between fall 2012 and summer 2014.
    -financial need (current FAFSA on file with UT Austin),
    -first-generation in college student (neither parent has completed college),
    -first time in college, and
    -less than 60 hours earned at UT Austin                                                                                                    

Deadline: December 1, 2014                                                                                                            

Application: First Abroad Scholarship. For more information, please visit the SAO's First Abroad Scholarship page. 

Texas Tomorrow Fund

Students participating in a MPA SIP may apply their TTF simultaneously in two different ways depending on whether they are a 3rd & 4th Yr. iMPA (undergraduate), or a 5th & Traditional MPA (Graduate)

Undergraduate MPA (3rd and 4th Yr iMPA)

Information will be updated shortly. In the meantime, please visit the BBA Financial Information Page as it applies specifically to undergraduate students.

Graduate MPA  (5th yr iMPA and tMPA)

  1. Apply TTF to tuition and fees related components of the MPA SIP
    MPA students may apply their Texas Tomorrow Funds to pay for tuition and fees component of the program cost, but funds cannot be applied toward the portion of the program cost that covers accommodations and events. Students are able to apply up to $1720.26 at the 2015 rate of ($286.71 x 6 hours). This amount will be reimbursed back to the student in July.

    Process: please notify the MPA SIP program coordinator of your intent to use Texas Tomorrow funds to pay for part of the  program and provide the coordinator with your TTF account number. This should be done at the earliest opportunity to guarantee transfer of funds. The MPA SIP Coordinator will work with the appropriate office to ensure you receive your funds via check or direct deposit.

  2. Apply TTF to University Extension Fee
    Students participating in an MPA program are able to apply their Texas Tomorrow Fund to their University Extension Fee. Their TTF account will be reduced by the amount of hours equivalent to the fee covered. FYI: Students using TTF to cover the $900  University Extension fee are using a bit over 3 credits of their TTF account.

    Process: In order to apply their TTF, students must select this method of payment when registering for their UEX courses in the spring semester. In addition, they must notify the MPA SIP Program Coordinator of their intention to do so.

Students may choose to apply their TTF to one or both options described above. Please contact the MPA SIP Program coordinator of your intent to use TTF for both options, otherwise TTF may not allow you to apply the funds.

Students may refer to the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan website for further information.

Payment Information

MPA SIP fees are posted on "What I Owe". Please note that you will see three different fees posted in your “What I Owe” section. These fees are part of the total MPA SIP fee, but are being posted as separate items. They are not in addition to the MPA SIP fee.

  1. MPA SIP Fee Balance - Posted on "What I Owe"
  2. Study Abroad Fee - Posted on "What I Owe"
  3. Overseas Insurance Fee - Posted on "What I Owe"
In addition, please note that your University Extension course fees will be payable upon registration in March. Registration information will be provided.

Payment Options

  • What I Owe: Students may pay via e-check, electronic transfer or credit card. Students may also pay in person or by mail.  If this is the case, please ensure that you print out your "What I Owe" and specify what you want the payment to apply to. Additional information on What I Owe.

Other Financial Resources

Every year creative students find ways to raise money or apply for additional outside funding, but students have to begin early and be persistent. In past years, students have asked local businesses in Austin, or their home communities, to match funds. Many students use personal or family savings, income from jobs, or assistance from outside sources to fund their studies abroad. Students have also found scholarships or grants from community organizations in Austin or at home.

The best way to find additional financial resources is to inform as many people as possible, as soon as possible, that you plan to study abroad and are in need of funding. There are many more funding options available for semester or year-long study, as well as fellowships for international study after graduation. Read more about these options at the Study Abroad Office

Page last updated: 9/9/2013