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Housing & Transportation

Participants reside in University of Economics student residences. All students will be able to request a roommate. The dormitories are equipped with Internet access, and they're about a 20 to 30-minute commute on public transportation from the University of Economics campus.

  • Earliest Check-in to dorms: Saturday before classes start
  • Latest Check-out of dorms: Saturday after classes end

Transportation from the Airport

Airport taxis are not recommended; public transportation is your best bet.

There are several very well-established and respected companies you may use for getting around the city or transport from the dorms to the airport. 

AAA-Taxi will provide English speaking operators and English speaking drivers upon request. There is an AAA representative near the exit of the airport. S/he will be able to assist you. 

Transportation Around the City

The Metro

The Metro is the main mode of transportation in Prague. There are three lines that are color coordinated which make it very easy to use. They are Line A (green), Line B (yellow), and Line C (red).

The Metro runs from 5 a.m. to midnight and a subway comes about every two to three minutes.


For a more scenic route, take the tram. A tram comes about every eight to ten minutes. During one of your weekends in Prague, be sure to ride the tram called the Nostalgic Tram No. 91. It only runs on weekends and holidays, and it takes you through Prague’s beautiful and history-rich city center 


Buses are mostly used in the outskirts of Prague. A bus comes about every 10 to 20 minutes. A transportation pass is recommended since you will be staying for an extended time.

You can buy a month pass at any Metro station and it can be used on any of these modes of transportation.

For more information about Prague’s transportation, visit their transportation authority website.

Page last updated: 12/4/2014