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Alumni Mentoring Program 

The Canfield BHP Alumni Mentor Network is a program that connects alumni to Canfield BHP sophomores and juniors. It is an opportunity for current students to be mentored by alumni based on similar academic and/or professional interests. Canfield BHP alumni come from a variety of professional fields and many go on to top medical schools, law schools, MBA programs, and other graduate programs. Alumni mentors may provide advice to students on major and career exploration, career and/or graduate school preparation, professional development and balancing school, career and outside interests. 


Mentees are expected to make the initial contact with their mentors within two weeks of their match. Mentors and mentees are then asked to communicate at least once a month, and both will receive monthly emails with suggested discussion topics. Students can only sign up at the beginning of the fall semester and will receive correspondence about how to request a mentor. Matching will be completed by the beginning of October. 


Maggie Wallace, Alumni Mentor from the Canfield BHP Class of 2009

“I wanted to pay it forward. As a student in the Canfield BHP program, I received a lot of guidance from both older students in the program and Canfield BHP Alumni. These mentors played a critical role in helping me figure out how I wanted to spend my time at school and what I wanted to do after graduation. I believe that mentoring is the best way to use one's own experiences, both successes and failures, to help shorten the learning curve for others.” 


Christina Bae, Canfield BHP Class of 2016

“From my experience of having a mentor all throughout high school, I understood the importance of having someone to guide me both academically and socially. So hearing about the Canfield BHP Mentor Network from couple of upperclassmen especially about how personal their mentors were compelled me to sign up for it. A common issue that college students including myself experience is that we are so concerned about the "right now's" that we don't often give ourselves enough time to think about where do we want to end up 5-10 years from now but talking to my mentor has given me a broader perspective.” 


Hayden McMurrey, Canfield BHP Class of 2017 

“After hearing about my mentor’s experience in the investment bank/private equity field, I saw that there are a lot more routes available after college than I had pictured. My mentor worked for a few years before going to Stanford for his MBA, and now works in the energy industry. It was cool for me to see his path and begin thinking about all the paths I can take after graduating. I would recommend this program to other Canfield BHP students because it is an easy way to build your network. There is no stress involved and it is a great opportunity to learn about an industry before officially recruiting.”  


Sayli Khadilkar, Canfield BHP Class of 2016

“Participating in this program has made me realize how lucky we are to have a strong alumni network and how important it is to continue to give back to the program even beyond graduation. The Alumni Mentor Network has been a really valuable experience for me, and I can’t wait to be a mentor in the network after I graduate.”