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Resurface at C-Level

Our classes are designed and taught by faculty from The University of Texas at Austin and industry experts. Certificate Programs provide academic and intellectual rigor while fine-tuning applicable real-world expertise in a focused series of classes. These Certificate Programs strengthen the leadership and intellectual capacity of individuals within an organization and can help impart valuable skills and thought processes to an organization as a whole.

Build the knowledge needed to enhance your career with classes that touch a wide variety of strategies and thought processes necessary for effective leaders.

Master the art of exceptional leadership through this advanced level credential which allows you to incorporate a broader or more in-depth body of knowledge.

Examine and understand the complexities of the energy industry with classes focused on the multifaceted aspects of your field.

Understand the impact of marketing strategies and tactics, and how to implement them into your business model.

Examine the techniques to recognize risks from your stakeholders’ perspectives and generate better alternatives.

Dive into the process and strategies behind acquiring, producing and delivering goods and services, both domestically and globally.


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