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Open Enrollment classes at Texas Executive Education offer you many different opportunities to further your education and career. With eight different concentrations (in addition to Partner Programs), 35 MBA-level classes are taught by renowned faculty in a hands-on, highly interactive environment. Register for individual classes, or complete classes as part of a Certificate series.

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Explore the ins and outs of data analytics to gain perspective and experience with the complexities of “Big Data” in the business and organizational context.

Designed as a rapid immersion delivering maximum value for attendees, this course focuses on crucial concepts essential to gaining deeper insights into customer behaviors, decision points and actions.

Examine the economics, strategy, business valuation, and finance specific to the energy industry, offering you a focused look at your field.

Examine the processes and practices of accounting and finance to gain a robust understanding of the part you play.

Equip yourself with the strategies and the management savvy to foster highly effective communication and collaboration.

Gain insight into marketing techniques and strategies to provide you with tactics that have company-wide impact.

Recognize risks from your stakeholders’ perspectives and generate better alternatives.

Develop the skills and strategies to make high-level decisions and to execute with confidence company-wide.

Dive into the ideas behind value creation and come away with the tools to successfully manage your supply chain.

Specialty Programs at Texas Executive Education provide you with additional opportunities for professional development. These classes, lectures, seminars, institutes, guest speakers, and other learning events are designed to complement our existing courses, and give you even more ways to see The Bigger Picture.



Would you like to speak with someone about what class is right for you? Please contact our Director of Open Enrollment Programs, Lynn Slattery.

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