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Research and Faculty

Best Article

Ethan Burris and David Harrison have won the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership’s annual prize for the best article published in a top-tier journal.
Professors Ramesh Rao and Huseyin Tanriverdi have won the ICIS’ Best Theory Paper Award.

Research and Faculty

Dissertation Proposal Competition Winner

Marketing Ph.D. candidate Zhuping Liu has won the Alden G. Clayton Dissertation Proposal Competition.

Research and Faculty

Career Research Excellence Award

IROM Professor Andrew Whinston received the Career Research Excellence Award for his research in information systems and development of a new academic discipline. 

Research and Faculty

Career Achievement Award

Robert Prentice received the Distinguished Career Achievement Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. Prentice is only the third person to receive the award since 2008.

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Latest News

Harvard Business Review |
December 14, 2016

How should companies target consumers in emerging markets?


December 9, 2016

Wind and natural gas are the cheapest power sources in much of the U.S.


Administrative Science Quarterly |
October 26, 2016

How social activists disrupt corporate political activity.


Research and Insights from Texas Enterprise

Energy Reliability Calls for Regulation - David Spence

Improving grid dependability means once again regulating parts of the electric power industry.

Too Optimistic? How Analysts' Biases Affect Bond Prices - Cesare Fracassi

Bond analysts can be biased, and new research shows that the longer they cover a company, the more optimistic (and inaccurate) their ratings will be.

A New Way Retailers Can Stock for Hurricanes - Doug Morrice

This inventory system will help retailers along the coasts get the right supplies to the right locations before the next storm strikes the U.S.

Spotlight Publications

Chen, Shuping; Thomas, Jake; Zhang, Frank. Review of Accounting Studies. Dec. 2016, Vol. 21 Issue 4, p. 1081-1115.

McDonnell, Mary-Hunter; Werner, Timothy. Administrative Science Quarterly. Dec. 2016, Vol. 61 Issue 4, p. 584-620.

McCahery, Joseph A.; Sautener, Zacharias; Starks, Laura T. Journal of Finance. Dec. 2016, Vol. 71 Issue 6, p. 2905-2932.