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Internal Transfer

Important Dates

  • Application Opens: March 1, 2021
  • New Deadline: May 15, 2021, 11:59 PM
  • Decisions Released: Mid-June

An internal transfer student is one who is enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin, and applies for admission to transfer into the McCombs School of Business. The process is highly competitive. It is not recommended that students enroll in another college at UT Austin on the assumption that they will transfer into the McCombs School of Business. Keep in mind the McCombs School of Business accepts students for the fall semester, only.

We at the McCombs School of Business understand that COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to students’ academic journey at UT Austin and beyond. With that in mind, we want to reiterate to our internal transfer applicants that the admissions process at Texas McCombs remains a holistic review process. This means that our internal transfer admissions committee will review each applicant considering all factors and portions of the application including and not limited to: coursework, GPA, personal statements, special circumstances, involvement and leadership, and any other information included in the application. Our admissions decisions will not be solely dependent on one portion of the application, but will rather consider all factors included in a student’s application. We encourage students to utilize the special circumstances portion of the application to give the admissions committee context on any challenges experienced during their student journey at UT.


Helpful Tips

  1. Attend an Internal Transfer information session (Click on the Information Session Tab below for details)

  2. Check your eligibility to apply. The GPA considered is a student's UT Austin in-residence GPA.

  3. Apply Online

Important Information from the Provost's Office

  1. Changes to your major or college should be discussed with your advisor in your admitted college during Orientation.

  2. Freshmen who wish to transfer out of their admitted college may apply as early as the spring semester for the following fall.

  3. Students may request a transfer to the School of Undergraduate Studies during their freshman year if they need help in exploring a new major.


GPA Requirement

  • 3.25 Minimum in-residence UT GPA required to apply. However, GPA to gain admission is typically much higher.
  • 3.87 Average GPA of admitted Internal Transfer students for Fall 2019 class.

24 hours in-residence at UT Austin

  • Must be completed by the end of the spring semester, and summer courses taken after the application deadline do not count.
  • Placement (credit by exam), correspondence, extension, pass/fail, PED, and/or transfer hours will not work to fulfill the in-residence requirement. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and updates to University grading policies for this semester, pass/fail coursework completed in Spring 2020 will count towards the 24 hours in-residence requirement for internal transfer to the McCombs School of Business.

Demonstrate Foreign Language Proficiency

  • Two years of the same foreign language in high school OR
  • Two units of college credit of the same foreign language.

Course Requirements

  • Must be completed by the end of the spring semester, and summer courses taken after the application deadline do not count.
  • Calculus I (M 408K, N or C, or M 403K, M 303K, M 308K, M 503K, M 508K, or M 408R) *students taking M408R will need a grade of  a B or higher)
  • Calculus II (M 408L, D, M or S, or M 403L, M303L, M 308L, M503L, M508L)
  • Microeconomics (ECO 304K)
  • Macroeconomics (ECO 304L)

Most business students take the K and L calculus sequence. However, students interested in the Science and Technology Management major should take the C and D sections OR K, L and M.

Ethical, academic and other university violations will be considered and could prevent admission to the McCombs BBA Program.

Students are limited to a maximum of two Internal Transfer attempts for admission to the McCombs BBA Program.  Candidates must within the first, four long-semesters at UT-Austin.

Students with 90 or more hours or a completed degree are encouraged to consider other options, such as completing a degree in their current college/school or alternate institution with the option of pursuing an MBA or MPA degree at a later date.

  • 90 hours includes any university setting coursework, but it does not include dual credit or placement credit from high school.
  • An undergraduate degree in Business is not required for entry into a Masters program in Business or Accounting. The majority of people pursuing an MBA degree do not have undergraduate degrees in Business.

Additional Opportunities (Require separate admission procedures)  

Canfield Business Honors Program

Requires a separate application in addition to the Internal Transfer application. Sophomore admission only
Application Deadline: May 1.  Decisions Released: July 1

Requires a separate application in addition to the Internal Transfer application. Sophomore admission only.

  • Application Deadline: June 1
  • Decisions Released: July 15

CBHP Sophomore Admissions

Integrated MPA 

Requires separate application.

  • ACC 311 and ACC 312 must be completed.
  • Application Deadline: June 1 
  • Decisions Released: Late June - early July

For more information, contact the appropriate office. You must be admitted as an internal transfer before Business Honors and the Integrated MPA programs will consider your application.

Integrated MPA Admissions 

Information Sessions

Fall 2020

Have questions about the internal transfer admissions process? E-mail the BBA Outreach team at 

After Internal Transfer Admission

How do I register for classes after I am admitted?

During the application, you should register for a regular course load as though you are not applying for transfer admission to business. During summer registration, you will be allowed to register for business courses. Visit our Advising site for more information about steps after admission

When do I declare a major?

If you are admitted to the McCombs School of Business, you will be listed as an unspecified business major. You can declare a specific business major (eg., Accounting, Marketing, etc.) in the McCombs BBA Program Office (CBA 2.400) once you:

  1. Enroll in the McCombs School of Business
  2. Remove all high school unit deficiencies
  3. Complete 30 hours of college credit, including:
    • Calculus I and Calculus II
    • Microeconomics & Macroeconomics
    • BA 101, and have credit or registration in BA 102
    • Register with BBA Career Management 



    1. Pursue a different major at the University of  Texas at Austin and complement it with a McCombs Certificate or Minor.  
    2. Visit the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling. Career counselors work to help students clarify goals, explore interests, discuss personal concerns and develop a plan of action for their transition from college to a career.
    3. Consider McCombs for a graduate business degree. An undergraduate degree in Business is not required for entry into a Masters program in Business or Accounting.