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Texas McCombs MPA Curriculum

Customize your MPA coursework to align with your career goals. Select a curriculum path which includes foundational courses, accounting electives, and MBA electives in areas such as finance, information technology, management, and strategy.


  • Business Advisory / Management Consulting

    Advisors and consultants armed with accounting knowledge are uniquely placed to help businesses achieve their strategic goals. Become the expert every consulting firm needs.
  • Forensic Accounting

    Forensic accountants are called in when financial wrongdoing or fraud is suspected. Interested in crime? Litigation? Combine your accounting knowledge with investigative skills in this high-stakes, fast-paced arena.
  • Investment Banking

    With a comprehensive knowledge of financial accounting and a solid grounding in finance, you can work with companies to raise capital, provide strategic financial advice, and facilitate M&A transactions.
  • Corporate Accounting / Financial Analyst

    Corporate accountants are the heartbeat of an entity’s financial, managerial, and due-diligence operations. Interested in being a CFO? This could be the path for you.
  • Government Accounting / Not-For-Profit

    Interested in working for the greater good? You could help entities in this sector achieve their mission by ensuring they have sound financial strategies and meet their unique reporting requirements.
  • Tax Consulting

    Go beyond compliance. Work with companies domestically and internationally to apply your tax law knowledge to achieve efficient outcomes and ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • External Auditing / Assurance

    Capital markets do not function well without assurance about the veracity of companies’ financial disclosures. Auditors keep those companies accountable and the markets working for everyone.
  • Internal Auditing

    Interested in the entirety of an entity’s operations? Work with the management team to ensure that internal controls, governance, and risks are managed to achieve strategic excellence.
  • Wealth Management / Investment & Tax Consulting

    Use your accounting knowledge to be a trusted advisor. Help entrepreneurs and other visionaries manage investments, risks, estate and tax planning, and other strategic requirements.