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Fall 2024 Semester Registration Timeline

Review the Course Schedule and Academic Calendar for additional registration and class days.


Registration Drop-Ins


Registration Drop-Ins are planned for:

  • Friday, August 23rd: 9:00am-Noon & 1-3pm
  • Tuesday, August 26th - Thursday, August 29th: 9:00am-Noon & 1-3pm
  • Friday, August 30th: 9:00am-4:30pm

You can access add/drops through Waitwell. You will be asked for information such as your name and EID and will be able to choose the queue you would like to be added to. Please choose the option that most closely aligns with your question or concern.


August 23rd & 26th - 29th: The McCombs BBA Registration Management Staff will be available virtually during the Friday before class and the first four class days from 10:00am-Noon and 1:00-3:00pm (central time).  We will be meeting with students for the following reasons:

  • Closed Class Petition: You need to take a business class this semester to progress in your major and you are unable to add that class to your schedule because it is closed.  If you are able to take the course in another semester and still graduate on time, you will not be added to a closed class.
  • Graduating Senior Petition: You are graduating in in the upcoming semester and are unable to get into a business class you need to graduate because all sections are closed or waitlisted. You can submit a Graduating Senior Petition up until a week before classes begin by clicking here.
  • Course Conflict:  The available sections of two or more business courses you need to take this semester are offered at the same time.
  • Work Conflict:  Your work schedule is conflicting with the sections available.  You must provide documentation of your work schedule on your employer’s letterhead.
  • Graduate Student Adding a BBA Course: You are a graduate student and your advisor has approved for you to add an undergraduate business course.


August 30th: On the 5th class day, the Registration Management Staff will meet with students virtually from 9:00am-5:00pm (central time) to ONLY add to OPEN McCombs courses. The course must show open on the course schedule for the staff to meet with you and you must meet prerequisites to be added. For non-business students, the course must be listed on the list of business courses for non-business students.


Info for Specific Populations


Graduating Seniors in McCombs

Graduating Seniors in McCombs

The BBA Program Office is committed to helping students graduate on time. The following form will ensure that graduating seniors are able to register for business courses they need to fulfill their major degree requirements. This process is not intended to replace the normal registration procedures and students are expected to attempt to register during their registration periods and use the waitlists/add-drops.

Please be aware that the following are situations in which we will NOT be able to assist you:

  • DO NOT use this form to switch times/instructors for a course you already have.
  • DO NOT use this form for assistance in registering for non-business courses. You will have to contact the department/college, this is for business courses only.
  • DO NOT drop a course and use this form to try to get a different section of the same course. We will verify your attempts to register for the course and will not assist you in attempting to register for particular sections/instructors.
  • DO NOT use this form unless you are graduating in the semester you are attempting to register. Your assigned advisor must verify that you will have completed all your degree requirements.
  • You must be a business student, non-business students attempting to register for business courses need to submit verification from their advisor stating the course is needed to graduate.

Summer & Fall 2024 petitions will be available Monday, April 15th - Monday, August 19th.

You will be able to submit your petition here

Non-Business Students Seeking Business Classes

Non-BBA Students

Students outside McCombs may register from a list of approved courses from the McCombs curriculum on a space-available basis at specific times during the semester. Please consult the linked list to see what classes are available and when they become available.

  • Please note:  FIN, LEB, MIS, OM, and STA courses do not have any availability for non-business students as there is no capacity to allow non-business students.


Wanting to add a course for the Business Minor? Students of all majors are welcome to enroll in Business Minor classes. You may register without assistance as long as you meet prerequisites.


The requirement of being a business major is removed from all classes offered during the summer. Students must still meet prerequisite requirements with the exception of B A 101 and B A 324. These two prerequisites will be waived for non-business students. All other prerequisites will be enforced.


Exchange Students not in McCombs

Exchange Students not in McCombs

If you are not on an exchange program with McCombs, your course options will be limited. You should follow these steps to get enrolled in business courses:

1. Identify courses you might be interested in using the Business Minor list and the list of Business Courses for Non-Business Students. The Business Minor courses are available at all times and the business courses for non-business students list provides the courses and when they become available for non-business students.

2. Check the prerequisites for the courses you are interested in

  • If there are prerequisites, you will need to e-mail a copy of your unofficial transcript to We do not have access to your previous records, and we need it to ensure that you meet prerequisite requirements. If you need to include additional information for your transcript to make sense, please do so. If you meet prerequisites, we will provide a waiver for you to register.
  • If there are no prerequisites listed, you should be able to add the course with no issues as long as space is available.

3. Once you have the waiver (if needed), you should be able to register for the courses on the lists above. The only exception will be for the courses that only become available on the 5th class day. You would need to attend to attend drop-ins on the 5th class day in order to be added and the class will need to be listed as open.


Need a course not on the two lists linked above? Please have your home institution e-mail a list of courses that would meet your exchange requirements to While we will do our best to accommodate you, we cannot guarantee access to any specific course.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students:

A letter from your graduate advisor is needed if trying to add an undergraduate business course. The letter can be emailed to and should explain that the class requested is required for your program of study. Students with the letter will be able to attend drop-ins to be added to the course on the first class day if space is available.  We'll accommodate based on course availability up until the fifth class day.