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Current MPA Students

Information and resources for current Master in Professional Accounting students.


  • Academic Advising

    MPA academic advisors assist you with customizing your degree plan to meet your career goals.
  • Customized Degree Plan

    Tailor your MPA coursework to align with your specific career goals. Select a curriculum path and supplement with graduate accounting and MBA electives.
  • CPA Exam

    Your academic advisor will not only help you stay on track to graduate but also guide you as you plan to take the CPA exam.
  • Licensures

    As you look to become professionally licensed, learn more about each state's licensure or certification requirements.
  • Internships

    Take an internship (or two) to apply your knowledge in the classroom to real world applications.
  • MPA Financial Aid

    Discover ways to fund your Master in Professional Accounting degree.

Curriculum Resources

  • tMPA Degree Requirement Summary
    Students walking on stairs in front of University of Texas tower
    tMPA Degree Requirement Summary

    View a summary of MPA degree requirements for traditional students.

    View Summary
  • tMPA Core Course Descriptions
    University of Texas tower in orange light
    tMPA Core Course Descriptions

    View the core classes for traditional MPA students.

    See Course Descriptions
  • iMPA Undergraduate Degree Plans
    Reflection of University of Texas tower in a building window
    iMPA Undergraduate Degree Plans

    Learn more about the BBA degree requirements in the integrated program.

    View BBA degree plan
  • iMPA Graduate Degree Requirements
    Graduate in commencement regalia looking up at University of Texas tower
    iMPA Graduate Degree Requirements

    Explore the required graduate courses in the integrated program.

    Review Graduate Courses
  • MPA Bridge Degree Summary
    McCombs Entrance
    MPA Bridge Degree Summary

    View a summary of MPA degree requirements for Bridge students.

    View Degree Summary
  • MPA Bridge Core Course Descriptions
    Tower in Distance with Agave
    MPA Bridge Core Course Descriptions

    View the core graduate classes for MPA Bridge students.

    See Course Descriptions

Policies and Code of Ethics

Career Management Resources

  • Career Coaching

    MPA Career Coaches host a number of professional development and job search events throughout the year.
  • Finding a Job

    Texas McCombs MPA students are highly sought after by top companies around the world.
  • Alumni Benefits

    As an MPA, you're a vital part of the McCombs legacy. The opportunities you'll gain and the network you'll be in as a McCombs graduate can open doors across the globe.
  • Career Management Canvas

    View important event dates, job search information, and tips from the career team on our Canvas page.
  • RecruitMcCombs

    Explore job and internship opportunities available to you as a current MPA student.
  • Report Your Offer

    Have you recently received a job offer? Report your offer to the MPA Office.


Are you interested in working with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) or the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) after you graduate from McCombs? Watch this video on the Postgraduate Technical Assistant (PTA) program and hear from Professor Matt Kubic, who experienced the PTA program first-hand.


Student Life

  • Student giving Hook'em in Prague

    Study Abroad

    Gain a global perspective and prepare for today’s business environment. Participate in summer study abroad in Prague with fellow MPA classmates. In addition, iMPA students have the option to study abroad through various BBA exchange programs.
  • Commencement

    You've worked hard, and now it's time to celebrate! Discover what Commencement day looks like for graduating MPAs.
MPA Consulting Club Logo
  • MPA Consulting Club

    Are you interested in a career in consulting or advisory? Join the MPA Consulting Club! This club hosts professional development meetings and socials to help you network and prepare for the workforce.