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Fall 2020 Canfield BHP Course Limits

Note: If you register for more courses than permitted, you will be dropped from all courses beyond your limit unless you have discussed special circumstances (ex: MPA student) with a Canfield BHP advisor and have obtained permission to go beyond the limit. Course limits are based on how many courses you will have completed by the end of summer 2020, including courses taken abroad.

How many of the following 6 Canfield BHP courses may I take in fall 2020?
(MAN 336H, MKT 337H, FIN 357H, OM 335H, LEB 323H, MAN 374H)


# of CBHP courses from list above completed by fall 2019Rising Seniors (class of 2021)Rising Juniors (Class of 2022; took ACC 312H in spring 2020)
see advisor You may register for 1 Canfield BHP course during your first access period. If space is available, you may register for a second Canfield BHP course at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 6. If you register for a second course before 7 pm on Wednesday, May 6, you will be dropped to 1 Canfield BHP class.
see advisor
see advisor

You are ahead, but may take 1. If you have other options to fill your schedule, please consider not taking a Canfield BHP course this semester.

should take 1-2, see advisor

You are ahead and should note take a Canfield BHP course this fall.

should take 1 If graduating early (ex: MPA) you must discuss this with a Canfield BHP advisor

You are ahead and should not take a Canfield BHP course in the fall. If graduating early (ex: MPA) you must discuss this with a Canfield BHP advisor.


Canfield BHP Course Sequencing & Limits FAQs

Why does this rule exist?

Canfield BHP curriculum has always been a 4-year program that assumes manageable semesters of 1-2 Canfield BHP courses after sophomore year. When students follow this pace, there are enough seats for all students and class sizes stay small. This allows Canfield BHP to deliver what was intended; case-based curriculum in smaller learning communities, and progression through the major as a cohort. These registration limits are not designed to be punitive, but to ensure that all Canfield BHP students can stay on track. This should prevent students from over-registering for Canfield BHP courses, leaving more seats for all students, reducing the number of force-add requests, and ultimately ensuring the integrity of the program.

How do I know if I’m ahead or behind?

Refer to this chart for a quick guide.

Semesters CompletedHow many of the following Canfield BHP courses should be completed to stay on track? (MAN 336H, MKT 337H, OM 335H FIN 357H, LEB 323H, MAN 374H)
4 (end of sophomore year) 0
6 (end of junior year) 3-4
8 (end of senior year)/td> 6

What if the classes I need are full and I need a course to stay on track?

As in previous semesters, we will still have a force-add request process for Canfield BHP courses and will email out this information towards the end of registration or during add/drops. The advantage of this new rule is that force-add requests should be resolved more quickly because (a) there should be fewer requests and (b) we will be able to make space for students who truly need the course by removing students who over-register for Canfield BHP classes.

What if I plan to graduate in 3 years, and these registration limits don’t work for me?

Canfield BHP is designed to be a 4-year program, and therefore you should not be trying to graduate early. MPA students do graduate from the program one semester early, but otherwise students are expected to remain enrolled for the full 4 years. If you are an MPA student and need permission to take an additional Canfield BHP course, contact a Canfield BHP advisor.

I need to decide between majors, and I need to take X class before I can decide. How do I get in?

In the traditional BBA program, students are expected to declare their major at the end of their first year, and Canfield BHP students should do the same. The only courses required to declare a business major are: BA 101, ECO 304K and 304L, and M 408K/C and 408L/D. At the end of freshman year, students have not taken many business courses, so it is important to be proactive and learn about potential majors through other outlets, such as the Canfield BHP Major Representatives and related resources. With so many great resources, a single course should not be the deciding factor in declaring a major.

I am double-majoring across schools, and all the classes I need for my other major are full/don’t work with my schedule. Can I get into more Canfield

Considering the number of Canfield BHP students pursuing multiple majors, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to grant exceptions for these requests. As a student pursuing multiple majors, you should meet with each of your advisors regularly to discuss a flexible 4-year plan that can be adjusted based on course availability. A final resource is the 4-Year Help Desk. Their office was instated to help students with schedule conflicts, and ultimately to increase UT’s 4-year graduation rates.

I want to take an extra Canfield BHP course. Is there any way I can do that?

Please discuss any extenuating circumstances that might warrant an exception to the limit with a Canfield BHP advisor. Otherwise, staff will notify all students if and when any remaining seats in Canfield BHP classes will be released. At that time, you will have the opportunity to register for additional Canfield BHP courses.

If I register for more courses than permitted and get caught, can I choose which course(s) to drop?

No. If you exceed your course limit without permission, you will be dropped from all courses beyond your limit. Staff will choose which class(es) to drop based on the demand of other students.

Does the timing matter for when I take these Canfield BHP courses?

MAN 374H is intended to be taken during your final semester in Canfield BHP. All other courses should be sequenced as your advisor recommends, which may vary based on your non-Canfield BHP major(s) or other factors, such as course availability.


Though course offerings can vary, there are typically 3 sections per year of each Canfield BHP course. The chart below is subject to change, but may be useful as a general planning tool.


Canfield BHP Course(s)                       How many sections are typically offered in the fall/spring?

MKT 337H                                             2 sections in the fall, 1 section in the spring

OM 335H, FIN 357H, MAN 336H              1 section in the fall, 2 sections in the spring
LEB 323H, MAN 374H

What will the course limits be in future semesters?

Course limits for future semesters will most likely follow the same pattern as previous semesters (fall semesters should match previous falls, spring semesters should match previous springs). View spring course limits.