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Canfield BHP Course Limits

To ensure that all students can obtain the courses they need, Canfield BHP enforces a course limits policy. The policy states that if you register for more courses than permitted, you will be dropped from all courses beyond your limit unless you have discussed your circumstances with a Canfield BHP advisor and have obtained permission to go beyond the limit. 


As a reminder, Canfield BHP is a 4-year program that culminates with the MAN 374H capstone course. After sophomore year, there are only 6 Canfield BHP courses (max) to be completed in 4 semesters: MAN 336H, MKT 337H, FIN 357H, OM 335H, LEB 323H and MAN 374H. When all students take 1-2 of these courses per semester, there are enough seats for everyone. 


Students may view course limits by semester. View Spring course limits and Fall course limits. Contact your Canfield BHP advisor with any questions.