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BBA Semester Application

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Did a Program Coordinator give you access to the BBA Semester Programs application? You can access it here!

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Before you begin your application, we strongly encourage you to view these two resources. First, review our advice on Choosing a Semester Program. This detailed guide outlines the major differences between our program types as well as some strategies in picking locations.


You should also watch this short video outlining each step of the application. The answers to many questions you may have can be found in these resources, so please be sure to review carefully before contacting our office.

Application Process

Before You Apply


If you are interested in studying abroad on a Semester or Summer Exchange program, the first step is attending an information session.



After you attend an information session, you can schedule your required advising appointment with a BBA International Programs Coordinator.

You can book an in-person or virtual appointment here.

Before the appointment, you should:

  • Think about your goals
  • Start some basic online research, including our website and blog
  • Explore the My Credit Abroad Database

During the meeting, we will discuss:

  • Your major, course planning and the best program locations for you
  • Application process
  • Scholarship opportunities and funding
  • Additional study abroad resources
  • Expectations (for you and your parents)



You will need to plan far in advance if you want to participate in a BBA Semester program. To view application deadlines for the current year's application cycle, please visit the Semester Programs page

Application Process



Once authorized by a Program Coordinator, you can access the online application
All Programs - $75 non-refundable application fee
Exchange Programs - $500 Administrative Fee
Affiliated Programs - $600 Affiliated Studies Fee



All our Exchange Program codes start with “15.” Some partner schools have more than one program at UT, so if you want a BBA Exchange Program, make sure to select the “15xxxx” code. 

Our affiliate program codes are as follows  Corvinus Business School in Hungary is 290106, IES London is 220007, IES Barcelona is 220034 and the GAV Internship and Study Semester in Asia Pacific is 290121.



A strong essay is essential for a competitive application. These points will help you to shape a good essay:

  • Motivation - How did you become interested in studying abroad? Why did you choose the country and school you have indicated? Be brief, but specific. 
  • Personalize - YOU are the subject of this essay. Every line should communicate something about you. Don’t use your limited space for general statements like “Studying abroad broadens one’s horizons."
  • Goals -  What do you hope to draw from your experience? Will you build language skills? Are there particular courses, programs, or facilities from which you hope to benefit? Is international experience important to your educational or future professional plans? If so, please describe why and how. Be as concrete as possible.
  • Preparation -  Why should the selection committee choose you? Why are you right for the program you have chosen? Use examples to illustrate your maturity, responsibility, adaptability and what would make you a good ambassador of UT. Include any involvement you have had with international students, activities or groups. 
  • Special Circumstances - Anything unique, important or extenuating about your circumstances that the committee should know.

Enter your essay onto the web application form, maximum length of two pages.



Applicants must use the online Reference Questionnaire Form within the UT “MyAbroad” application portal. Full instructions are accessible after starting the online application itself.

Reference Guidance: 

  • Two letters of recommendation are required to apply for BBA Semester Programs
  • One recommendation must be from a McCombs professor (Freshman applicants may use any UT professor)
  • The second recommendation should be from a supervisor/employer, advisor, or another instructor. NOTE: If this recommender does not have a UT EID, they will not be able to access the online recommendation form. Instead, they should send their recommendation to BBA International Programs

Important things to consider: 

  • Request recommendations 2-4 weeks in advance! 
  • Make sure you give your recommenders plenty of notice so the selection committee receives your letters on time.



Only students applying to foreign language programs (Universidad de Deusto in Spain and PUC in Chile) need a language evaluation. 




  • Resume - Write your EID and semester abroad in the top right corner
  • Degree Plan - Submit a degree plan (not a degree audit), with completed requirements checked off, and next semester’s tentative schedule included. Click on the appropriate major to access degree plans.
  • Find your degree plan here


Notifications and Next Steps



  • Notification of selections will be by e-mail, about 3-4 weeks after the application deadline closes.
  • Secondary deadline applications are reviewed on a first-submitted, first-considered basis.
  • Students typically have one week to accept or decline their placement and confirm participation.
  • Applications to host schools are available AFTER acceptance. Students must complete and send to their host school, along with all requested materials.



For all destinations, students will need a valid passport. If you do not have one, or if yours will expire before the end of the time you’re planning to be abroad, you should apply for one now. Texas Global Passport Services can process passport applications.

Study in most countries also requires a residency permit or a visa. You need to have a passport before you can apply for either a residency permit or visa. Allow time, because it may take up to 12 weeks to apply for a visa. Students are responsible for contacting the appropriate consulate or embassy for guidelines and to secure the necessary paperwork.