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Academic Probation

To remain in good academic standing at the university, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. If a student's overall GPA goes below a 2.0, the student is placed on scholastic probation. Students on probation must complete at least 12 hours in each long-session semester (fall or spring), and may not receive any incomplete grades at the end of the semester.

THRIVE Program

Students on scholastic probation are eligible to participate in the McCombs Transforming Habits through Resources, Initiative, Vision, and Empowerment (THRIVE) Program. The student will meet with their academic advisor to discuss resources available on campus, and set goals for the semester. If the student successfully completes the requirements of the THRIVE Success Agreement, the student may continue the next semester. If you are interested in learning more about the THRIVE program, please schedule an appointment with your advisor. Details of how to schedule an appointment can be found on your BBA Academic Advising Canvas Page.


A student is subject to scholastic dismissal as per the General Information Catalog under the following conditions:

  • A student fails 12 or more hours in their first long-session semester at UT-Austin.
  • A student on scholastic probation fails to achieve the required overall GPA (2.0) or the required semester GPA (for students in the THRIVE Program).
  • A student on scholastic probation withdraws from the University after the 20th class day.

First Dismissal - Student is dismissed from the university for one long-semester and any intervening summer session.

Second Dismissal - Student is dismissed from the university for three calendar years. Readmission must be approved by the Office of Admissions and the McCombs BBA Dean. Complete the following steps when attempting to return from a second dismissal:

  1. Fill out the McCombs Readmission Form and submit both it and the supporting documents using one of the methods listed on the form. Deadlines: Returning for Fall – June 1; Returning for Spring – November 1; Returning for Summer – April 1
  2. Apply for readmission via the Office of Admissions, making sure to pay attention to the deadlines listed.

Third Dismissal - Student will not be readmitted to the university.

Dismissal Appeal

If you have received a Secure Academic Note (SAN) letting you know that you are subject to dismissal and you wish to appeal that decision, you need to complete the Dismissal Appeal and submit all required documentation by the stated deadline in the SAN. The deadline changes each semester. If you have questions about this, please contact your academic advisor.