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Grade Point Average (GPA)

Credit hours earned at the University of Texas will count in your GPA, courses transferred from another institution will not be included.  Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 to continue with their academic work.  Graduating students must have a 2.0 Overall GPA and a 2.0 Business GPA.  Please use the registrar's GPA Calculator.

Grade Expectations

To receive credit for a course, an undergraduate must earn a grade of at least a D-.  Academic departments may require a higher grade for the course to be counted toward the student's degree.  Additionally, courses may require a higher grade in prerequisite courses.  Be sure to check the course schedule for prerequisites and ask your advisor if you have grade concerns.  See the registrar's listing of grade points.

Grade Report

Students may review their grade report online through the registrar's website.  Additionally, students can order official or unofficial transcripts through the registrar's website or by visiting Room 1 in the Main Building.

Important Grade Links