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GAV Internship and Study Semester in Asia-Pacific

Spend the fall or spring in Sydney, Australia taking business courses, followed by an 8-week internship in the Asia-Pacific region!

The Internship and Study Semester in Asia Pacific (ISSAP) Program offers eight weeks of concentrated classes in Sydney (9-12 credit hours) followed by an internship in Auckland (New Zealand), Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney (Australia) or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), with both fall and spring options. This unique schedule allows students to focus first on their coursework, and in the second half of the semester to give full attention to their role as a young professional in the working world.


The McCombs School of Business partners with Global Academic Ventures (GAV), which coordinates everything onsite, including housing, classes, and the internship. Courses offered, while not guaranteed, include the following: ACC 312, MKT 337, OM 235, FIN 357, LEB 323, MIS 340S, MAN 340S, FIN 376, MKT 372.4, ACC 340S, and a variety of non-business courses. Students can earn BA 353 credit for the internship or, if BA 353 has already been completed, can earn generic BA credit. The student will deicide which location they prefer for the internship. Each of the 5 amazing city options offer major economic value and rich cultural heritage. 

Quick Info

  • Academic Term: Fall or Spring
  • Program Dates: Fall: Late August-Mid-December, SpringMid January - Mid May
  • Credits: 12-15 credit hours, including 3-hour internship
  • Eligibility: BBA students w/ min. 3.0 GPA, Completion of ECO 304K + L, Calculus, STA 301 is required prior to departure. ACC 312 is recommended.
  • Prerequisites: Course Dependent
  • Program Code: 290121
  • Please access the UT program page here

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*Did a program coordinator give you access to this application? You can open it here!

Read the application tab below for more info. 


Come learn more at one of our two special Info Sessions! Details below:

Monday, April 8, 12-1pm CBA Events Room CBA 3.304)

Tuesday, April 9, 4-5pm CBA Events Room (CBA 3.304)

Program Information

About the Program



  • Undergraduates from the McCombs School of Business,  at least 18 years of age, and in good academic standing at UT with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Completion of ECO 304K + L, Calculus, STA 301 is required prior to departure. ACC 312 is recommended.
  • Sophomore (spring semester only), junior, or senior standing when program begins.


  • During the first half of the program in Sydney, students will enroll in two four-week blocks and be in 1-2 courses per block for a total of 9-12 credits. GAV hires local professors from top-ranked, AACSB-accredited universities in Sydney to teach your courses.
  • After a break, students either return to Sydney or meet GAV staff in a new location to commence their unpaid, full-time internship for the second half of the semester. Internships are available in a wide variety of fields.
  • During the second half of the program, students can earn B A 353 credit for their internship or, if B A 353 has already been completed, can earn generic B A credit.
  • Since GAV is a company and not an accredited higher educational institution, they use an Institution of Record to issue a transcript at the end of the program. Currently, the Institution of Record is Bradley University. You will request the transcript following GAV’s instructions and share it with the BBA International Programs Office for credit transfer. You will receive transfer credit and the credit can count toward your degree requirements. The grades will appear on your UT transcript but will not factor into your UT GPA.
  • In your meeting with a BBA International Programs Semester Coordinator in McCombs, you will discuss which of your degree requirements you could satisfy on this program.


  • Students arrive in Sydney for orientation the Sunday before classes begin (Early January for Spring or Late August for Fall)
  • Students attend classes in Sydney for 8 weeks - this consists of two 4-week blocks where students enroll in 1-2 courses per block.
  • After the 8 week course period ends, students will have a Spring/Fall break where they are encouraged to travel and explore on their own before the start of their internships. During this one week period, typically in mid-March or mid-October, students will be responsible for all of their own expenses including finding their own housing.
  • After the one week break, students are due to arrive at their internship location the Saturday before it begins. The following Sunday, there will be orientation in the morning followed by a welcome lunch. 
  • Students will be interning at their various companies for 8 weeks and can take part in optional group cultural excursions.
  • After their internships end, students will depart from their internship locations.


Questions about this program? After you have attended one of our Information Sessions, you must schedule an appointment with a Semester Program Coordinator. 

You can start the application after you meet with us.



  • After you attend an Info Session, you must first meet with a Semester Program Coordinator in the BBA Program Office in order to access UT’s MyAbroad portal application.
  • The application deadline for Fall abroad and priority Spring abroad is March 1. The final deadline for Spring is October 1. Meeting the eligibility requirements doesn’t guarantee admission to program.
  • Before you apply and after you meet with BBA International Programs Coordinator, it is a good idea to check in with your academic advisor to inform them of your plans to study abroad on this program.
  • Once the deadline has passed, you will hear from both the McCombs BBA about your admission to the program or if something else is needed for your application.
  • After admission, you will learn about various required forms, meetings, and resources from both GAV and UT. At this time, GAV’s Internship Team will work closely with you to connect you with internship opportunities in a variety of different fields including Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Supply Chain, Management, and much more.
  • Congratulations on your decision to apply to both study and work abroad!

Fees and Tuition


Student pays to UT Austin: 

  • Application Fee:  $75
  • Affiliated Studies Fee: $600
  • Required International Health Insurance: $19/week (~$300)


Student pays to GAV:

  • Non-refundable Deposit: $1,000 due by April 15 (fall semester) or October 2 (spring semester)
  • GAV Program Fee: ~$20,000 (Includes courses, housing, internship placement, several short excursions/cultural experiences/welcome meals, local transportation passes for the first half of the program in Sydney, transportation from/to airports within arrival/departure window, 24/7 student support and much more). GAV will provide more details about the costs, what the program fee includes and estimated additional expenses. Program fees may increase slightly periodically. Airfare and visa fees are not included in the program fee.
  • Please note that students are responsible for booking and paying for their own housing and expenses during the one week break between the courses period in Sydney and the internship (typically mid March or mid October). Housing and other expenses during this one week break are not covered by the GAV program fee.


Students are encouraged to review funding opportunities and scholarships through McCombs/UT Austin.

Housing and Transportation



Accommodations in Sydney are shared, air-conditioned apartments furnished with kitchen, living room, Wi-Fi internet, and on-site laundry facilities. Accommodations in other locations may be shared apartments or hotels.

Housing during the first 8 weeks in Sydney and the 8 weeks during the internship period are arranged by GAV and included in the program fee. However, students are responsible for arranging for their own housing during the one week break between the courses period in Sydney and the internship (typically mid March or mid October). Housing and other expenses during this one week break are not covered by the GAV program fee.



Participants are responsible for booking their own flights but they must be within the time/date parameters set by the program. Students will fly to Sydney for the first half and will fly from Sydney to their internship destination for the second half (if different from Sydney). Finally, students will fly home from their internship location. GAV will provide transportation from/to the airport in Sydney and at the internship location. They will also provide transportation passes in Sydney for the first half of the program.

Visa and Passport Information



Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the study abroad trip. Texas Global Passport Services can process passport applications.

U.S. passports are taking an exceptionally long time to be processed. If you are even considering a study abroad program and you do not have a passport (or your passport will expire within 6 months of the end of your program), you should apply for one now.  



US citizens will need to obtain a visa for their time in Australia and a work visa for their time in the selected internship location. GAV will provide some information on the type of visas needed, but the visa is the responsibility of the participant.