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Four-Year Plans

The Canfield Business Honors Program encourages all students to make a four-year plan. Making a four-year plan can help you see the big picture and evaluate how your coursework and experiences (such as internships and study abroad) will help you achieve your goals.


While these sample course sequences can serve as a good starting point, we encourage you to meet with a Canfield BHP advisor to create a personalized plan. Canfield BHP advisors can make sure you have accounted for all of your requirements, address recommended sequencing and course availability, discuss whether credit-by-exam or transfer credits are acceptable for specific requirements, explore alternatives, and suggest resources and opportunities that will complement your plan and enrich your college experience.


Canfield BHP recommends revisiting your four-year plan with an academic advisor each semester to review changes within the University, changes to your own interests and goals, and to ensure timely graduation.

To view sample course sequences, visit our Flexible Degree Plan page.