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Aleksandra Wingate
Assistant Director, BBA International Programs
Email Aleksandra
CBA 2.400 | T: 512-471-8318| F: 512-471-2388
Duties: Oversees BBA International Programs Office, Lead Coordinator for Faculty-Led Programs, UTNY


Taylor Malcolm
Program Coordinator, Faculty-Led Programs
Email Taylor
CBA 2.400 | T: 512-232-6767| F: 512-471-2388
Duties: Coordinator for Faculty-Led Programs, LSE Summer Affiliated Program


Josh Rucker
Sr. Program Coordinator, Semester Programs
Email Josh
CBA 2.400 | T: 512-232-5018| F: 512-471-2388
Duties: Lead Coordinator for Semester Programs, Oversees Incoming Exchange Students


Jasmine Bisheh
Program Coordinator, Semester Programs
Email Jasmine
CBA 2.400 | T: 512-475-7336| F: 512-471-2388
Duties: Coordinator for Semester Programs


Leticia Patterson
Administrative Associate, BBA International Programs
Email Leticia
CBA 2.400 | T: 512-471-1625| F: 512-471-2388
Duties: Administration, Contracts and Billing