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Preparing to Come

Everything you need to know about your upcoming exchange.

Courses and Registration


Please use the websites listed below to review courses for your exchange semester at UT. Our office will reach out via email in mid-April for fall semesters and mid-October for spring semesters requesting your course preferences.  We request seat reservations with the business departments based on your preliminary selections (the department has final approval).  Actual registration occurs during Orientation right before the semester begins. Changes to your schedule are possible through the first four days of the semester.

Course Schedule

Use the course schedule to find classes offered for a particular semester, including days and meeting times. Courses are listed alphabetically by department. 

UT Course Syllabi

Please refer to the UT Course Syllabi Database for detailed course descriptions and outlines of topics taught within each course. Syllabi for the upcoming semester are not available before classes begin, but versions from earlier semesters are.  Often the changes from one semester to the next are minimal. 

You can also visit each department’s website directly to see more information about courses offered. The departments in the McCombs School of Business are:

  1. Accounting (ACC - Accounting courses)
  2. Business, Government and Society (BGS and LEB - Business Law courses)
  3. Finance (includes FIN - Finance and R E -Real Estate courses)
  4. Information, Risk and Operations Management (IROM, includes courses for MIS - Management Information Systems, O M - Operations Management, R M - Risk Management, STA - Statistics and BAX - Business Analytics)
  5. International Business (IB courses are offered through the BGS Department)
  6. Management (includes MAN - Management and B A - Business Administration courses)
  7. Marketing (MKT - Marketing courses)



View our selecting courses guide for details about how to register for courses



International exchange students must adhere to the UT and McCombs codes of ethics and academic integrity policies during their participation on a BBA exchange program. All cases of possible scholastic dishonesty are referred to the Dean of Students' Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

McCombs School of Business Code of Ethics

UT Austin Standard of Academic Integrity

Housing and Transportation


While the BBA International Programs Office cannot find housing for incoming exchange students, we provide the following information to assist you in your search for housing. Finding housing in Austin can be very challenging, especially in the Fall semester. We encourage you to start looking early, and realize that you may need to live on a shuttle bus route, rather than within walking distance of campus. 

Some apartment complexes will not rent to students for just one semester and prefer to rent for the entire year.  When you are searching for housing, if you are staying for just one semester specify this at the beginning of your conversation with the facility. Please note it can be very difficult to sublease for the Spring semester due to competition across campus with other students doing the same thing. One of the best ways to experience housing life is to sublease from a UT student for a semester they are away from Austin. There are several resources online for you to search for available options - please contact our office if interested.

Apartments close to campus are more expensive.  Housing costs of $750-$1200 per month for rent alone are common.  When looking for places beyond walking distance to UT, make sure it’s located on one of UT Shuttle Bus routes.  To see those routes, please see to the Parking & Transportation Shuttle website. UT also has an active biking culture - please see the Parking & Transportation Biking website.

Additionally, past exchange students have lived in Co-Ops and dormitories near campus for a communal living experience. Please be sure to research any specific locations you are considering for past reviews, as each living experience will differ. 

Medical Requirements and Orientation




All international exchange students are required to purchase the UT student policy health insurance. This will be automatically billed along with your international student fee charge after arrival to Austin. Information about costs and coverage as well as the program details is below. 



Upon arrival to Austin, international exchange students will have to present their immunization records and completed TB and Vaccination History Form to the University Health Services’ Allergy / Immunization Clinic.


We will provide more information to exchange students once admitted to UT Austin. For more information on medical requirements for international students, visit the University Health Services Medical Requirements for International Students website.



As soon as possible after arrival to the U.S., all international exchange students will have to complete an online module through the "MyIO" portal to fulfill immigration requirements and allow for course registration to take place. More information will be provided to admitted exchange students prior to the start of the semester.



BBA international exchange students studying at McCombs for the semester are encouraged to attend orientation activities, campus tours, shopping trips, and city tours coordinated by Texas Global. However, all BBA exchange students are required to attend the McCombs international exchange student orientation including advising and registration appointments.