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Registration Slotting Process 

Student registration access is determined based on progress towards degree completion.  The percentage to degree completion that is reflected in audits called "slotting audits" run by the Registrar's Office on the 20th class day will determine a student's registration time.  Once the registration time has been established it will not be possible to change, therefore, it is important to take action on items that will help increase progress towards degree completion.


The BBA academic advising team has put together this list of frequently asked questions in regards to the registration slotting process for your information. If you have any questions please contact the BBA Program Office or email your academic advisor.

Course Registration Process FAQs

How will I be assigned my registration time slot?

Your time slot for registration will be assigned based upon your progress toward degree completion. The closer you are to completing your degree, the earlier you will register. 

What do I need to do NOW to make sure that I am assigned the correct access period?

Since your registration access depends on your progress toward degree completion, it’s important that your academic record is updated and correct. To ensure that your record is correct and you are assigned the appropriate registration time, please do the following by Thursday, February 8 at 5:00pm:

  • Run an Interactive Degree Audit. Once you log in with your UT EID, just hit SUBMIT and a degree audit based on your official catalog will be run. You will use this audit to identify any issues. If you are pursuing a simultaneous major you must enter your college, major, and catalog. If you notice any problems with your degree audit (ex: you submitted a petition to count a course toward a requirement and it is not being applied to that requirement), send an email to
  • To change your catalog, go to UT Direct or request a “Catalog Change” form by emailing BBA Academic Advising.
  • Claim Credit-by-Exam. If you want to use your credit by exam towards your degree, you must petition to have the credit put on your transcript.  If you have already discussed the credit to be petitioned or you are aware of the credits needed for your degree, you do not need to consult with your advisor before you claim your credit.  Petitioned credits are posted to student records on Mondays (unless there is a holiday) so make sure to claim your credit in time for the credit to be posted before Monday, February 12 in order for them to be counted for registration slotting.
  • Submit Transcripts for credit earned from other institutions (this include courses taken as dual enrollment).  Credit earned at other institutions that does not appear in your degree audit should be transferred to UT. Contact the Registrar’s office at the school you attended to request that a transcript be sent to The UT Office of Admissions. You can also visit the following site to submit your transcript.  It can take a while for transfer courses to be posted to a student's record, so please take into account the processing time needed by the sending school and UT to send, receive, and post your credit.  The credit must be posted by Monday, February 12 in order to count for progress towards degree. Our office has no control over how long it will take UT Austin to post transfer courses, so please don't wait to send in the transcripts. 
  • Declare your business major.  All business students enter as “Unspecified Business”.  In order to calculate the correct percentage of degree completion, students who are eligible should declare their specific business major.

    Please be aware that the Business Declare Major system will be shut off during the time period that Registration Slotting audits run.  McCombs students will not be able to declare or change their business major during the time period of February 12-February 22.

When should I see my advisor?

Registration starts in late March, but we recommend that students start planning with their academic advisor well before registration. This will ensure we have enough space on our calendars to see all students before registration. You can schedule an online appointment with your assigned advisor through your MYUT or Academic Advising Canvas page.

When will course schedules be available?

The  course schedule will become available on the 1st business day of March.  All Course Schedules are published on the Registrar's website.

I have a double major. Which major will the University use to assign my access period?

The University will use the degree profile which shows the greatest progress toward completion to assign the registration time.

When will my registration period be available?

Registration time slots will become known soon after (usually a day after) the Course Schedule is published. It can be found on each student’s personal Registration Information Sheet (RIS). Students should log on to view their RIS and find out when they will be able to register. More information is available on the Registrar's website.

If I drop a class, what will happen?

The University will use slotting degree audits which are run beginning February 12 to assign registration access periods. Any changes to your record after that date will not show up in the degree audit that the University will use for registration slotting.  

My friend has the same major and we have the same progress toward degree completion but their access period is earlier than mine. Why is that?

There are only a limited number of registration slots available for a certain time to make sure that the computer system works efficiently. As a result, students with identical major and identical progress towards degree completion may need to register at different times. 

I am considering changing my major or transferring to a different college or school. What are the effects on my registration access period?

You should go see your advisor to discuss your plans. Although it may be too late to change to a different college/school and get a new major declared in that new college/school, students changing majors within McCombs can easily go online to complete this change. If you are changing to a different McCombs major, you should consider making the change before February 12. 

Please be aware the McCombs Declare Major site will be shut off during the time period that Registration Slotting Audits run.  Students will not be able to declare or change their business major during the time period of February 12-February 22.

Will my current enrollment in a University Extension course or at another institution show up on my degree audit?

Since these courses are not on your academic record, they will not be considered in the degree audit that will determine your access period.

Tips for Registration

Registration and Add/Drop periods:

If a class is full during registration, your first step is adding yourself to the class waitlist, if one is available. Those students will receive first priority for any open seats.

To join a waitlist, you need to request to add the section you want - if it is full.

If a class does not have a waitlist, all you can do is check during later add/drop periods (students may drop, the department may add more seats, etc.).  If you have questions about a class that's full or restricted, check with the department that offers the class.   Each department's location and phone number can be found by clicking on a specific unique number, and opening "see department headnote," or finding the department on the UT directory
Remember, business school classes are handled by the BBA Program Office, CBA 2.400, 512-471-0690.

If you are graduating and need a particular class to graduate, fill out the graduating senior petition , but registration into particular sections is not guaranteed. If another class or section is available that can also fulfill the degree requirement, you will need to take that instead.

UT cannot always accommodate every student's work schedule or other outside activities. If a class has several sections, you may need to rearrange your schedule to take an open section, or not take the class that semester. Do not structure your entire schedule around a certain section of a certain course until you've safely added yourself to it!

First class day through fifth class day:

The waitlists operate through the fourth class day, so if a class has a waitlist option, that's still your best option to be added to the class.

It is extremely important to attend classes you wish to add. If you have missed one or more class meetings, many departments will be unwilling to add you into a full class, as you will already be behind.

You may add/drop yourself online during the first four class days. From the fifth through twelfth class days, you may still drop classes online, but after the fifth class day, the BBA Program Office does not allow any adds into any undergraduate BBA courses.   

Remember: Professors CANNOT add you into classes.

All business school courses are handled by the BBA Program Office, CBA 2.400, 512-471-0690. For non-business courses, check with the appropriate department before contacting a professor. Different departments may have different add procedures. Each department's location and phone number can be found by clicking on a specific unique number and opening 'see department headnote', or finding the department on the UT directory.