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Canfield BHP students are offered mentors as a resource. All freshmen will have a Peer Mentor. The full list of current Peer Mentors is below. Additionally, sophomores and juniors have the opportunity to be matched with an alumni mentor. There are many benefits to the alumni mentoring program.

2020-2021 Peer Mentors

Bernardo Burboa Quiroga
Canfield BHP, Management, Marketing Minor

Bernardo chose UT because of the community that he instantly found within Canfield BHP. The cohort is full of ambitious and collaborative students who support and push each other to succeed in life and school. He is super excited to be a Peer Mentor and to continue fostering this unique culture and serving as a resource for incoming students.

Additionally, Bernardo is a leader in the Undergraduate Business Council and Texas Product Engineering Organization. He also serves as a mentor for high school students in Austin and works in talent management. Talk to him about your favorite smoothie, shirts with text, juggling on a unicycle, pink hair, and the best concert you've attended!


Henry Howard
Canfield BHP, Canfield BHP, Finance, Minor in MIS

You might have met Henry at a Canfield BHP info session or hanging out in the Canfield BHP Office. He came to UT from a small high school in Plano, TX, and has enjoyed finding his place in this small, tight-knit community. He is involved on campus as a Canfield BHP Recruiter, as an HBA Committee Member, and as the Consulting Director and Co-Founder of 180 Degrees Consulting.

Henry is so excited to be a Peer Mentor because he hopes to give back to a community that has had such a tremendous impact on his life. He encourages you to reach out and use the support around you, as he has grown immensely through struggles that the Business Honors community has supported him through.

Henry is working to visit all 50 states (36 as of April 2019) and all 7 continents (4 as of April 2019), loves to water ski and snow ski, and enjoys photography. Introduce yourself; Henry loves making friends!


Jessie Meek
Canfield BHP, Educational Psychology Minor

Jessie chose UT because of the incredible people in Canfield BHP. When she came to Discover Canfield BHP, Jessie knew that the people around her were unique - they were brilliant and capable, but more importantly, they championed lifting others up while succeeding themselves. She resonated with this desire to help, embodied in the community-focused culture.

Helping others and making them feel valued, loved, and safe is what Jessie strives to do each and every day. Mentoring to her means being a teacher to those who just need a little insight, being a guide to those who just need a little direction, and being a friend to those who just need someone to be there for them.

Jessie is involved in the Honors Business Association as an Internal Relations committee member where she creates big-little pairings and act as an advocate for mental health through the creation of mental-health-awareness events. Additionally, Jessie is on the Canfield BHP Ethics Board where she works to make ethics a more tangible and easy-to-discuss topic while stressing the importance of ethics and the prevalence of ethical dilemmas in our everyday lives, specifically in the business world.

If Jessie is not in her McHOME, you will find her running (and jamming out to her tunes), hanging out with her pals (likely at Kerbey Lane), making drip-art masterpieces (messes?), laughing at the show New Girl, watching dog videos on her phone for an unreasonable amount of time, or baking sweet treats for her friends.


Campbell Ingraham
Canfield BHP, Supply Chain Management

Campbell has been wanting to come to UT ever since he was born. Growing up, his dad would take him to the Longhorn football games and his mom would sing him "the eyes of Texas" at night. He knew he wanted to go to Texas from the beginning, but wasn't sure what he wanted to study until high school. He decided to apply to McCombs and Canfield BHP because he was passionate about business and had heard great things about the honors program. After meeting the people through Discover BHP, Campbell knew this was the place he wanted to be. He had a fantastic experience in his freshmen year and particularly enjoyed interacting with his peer mentor, Erica, who helped him navigate college life.

Campbell became a peer mentor because he wanted to "pay it forward" to the freshmen who came after him since he knew how valuable that mentorship was to him as a freshman. He enjoys being there for the students when they have questions and walking with them as they experience college for the first time. To Campbell, mentoring means sharing your experiences and wisdom, being willing to tell them the truth, and walking with them through their own life experiences.

Outside of Canfield BHP, Campbell is involved in Austin Collegiate DECA, Lambda Omega Alpha Catholic Fraternity, Supply Chain Management Student Organization, and Honors Business Association. In his free time, Campbell enjoys cooking breakfast food, baking new desserts, lap swimming, and playing board games and video games with friends.


Jarod Tolbert
Canfield BHP

 I had a pretty unconventional route coming to UT. My whole life I thought I was going to go to Texas A&M just like the rest of my family. However when the time came for choosing what university I wanted to attend, I was astounded by the environment and culture that UT presented in the heart of a major metropolitan city. On top this the CBHP community really finished making the decision of where to go for me. I was hesitant to do business originally because I already knew that my goal was to become a doctor so I naively thought medical schools would want someone from a STEM background. However, the CBHP events that I went to made it clear that it wouldn't be a hurdle but a propeller for me becoming a doctor, as it would actually give a more diverse set of skills that are applicable in the healthcare industry. When I first came to UT I was nervous about making friends but that first weekend of college meeting my peer mentor Jon and the rest of my team was just what I needed. I made friends that will last a lifetime and was encouraged that I wasn't alone on campus but I already had a group I could call my own: CBHP. I was also a summer Peer Adviser for the program where I came to know the staff so much better and was encouraged by Stephanie Cantu to really give back to my community. Due to this reasons it was no question, I wanted to be a peer mentor. Coming into this semester, especially it being virtual I want to be a peer mentor that encourages his mentees and is able to be there for them anytime that they need it. I feel like it's really important to let the freshman know that they aren't alone and that they have a whole community that is tackling this challenge together. Besides CBHP, I are a Mentor in Young Life, work in a Neuroscience Lab on campus, Volunteer at Saint David's Medical Center, and a Member of AMSA and HBSA. Outside of school I enjoy playing guitar, trying out all the new food hotspots in Austin, and traveling to places I've never been all over the US.


Kevin LePage
Canfield BHP

Kevin chose UT and Canfield BHP because it was his dream program. Kevin wanted to stay in-state, but there weren't many programs out there that he believed could rival the academics and the community of the Canfield Business Honors Program. He believes this program has such a collaborative feel and appreciates how everyone is trying to build each other up through classes and extracurriculars and each other's personal lives. Kevin has come to know it as a "CBHPhamily, plain and simple."

Kevin wanted to be a Peer Mentor because he believes in the power of giving back and providing opportunities for people coming after him. Through his years of experience as a camp counselor with the Boy Scouts and Camp Texas at UT, Kevin has grown a passion for enthusiastically mentoring others and helping them have the best experience they possibly can.

Elsewhere on campus, Kevin is the director for a student-run nonprofit called The Exponentialists, which helps to exponentially elevate high school entrepreneurs in East Austin. Additionally, he has served on the executive board and is an active member in the Honors Business Association. Kevin is also a Camp Texas counselor through the Texas Exes. Lastly, Kevin is part of the Texas Blazers, a service-oriented spirit group which serves as the official host of the university.

Kevin like's to believe that his only hobby is "the grind" but he loves experiencing everything Austin has to offer such as the great outdoors, kayaking, hiking, camping, and hammocking. Additionally, he is an avid sports fan of the UT Longhorns, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, and the Texas Rangers. Kevin is also a big mac and cheese enthusiast, so you might find him at the annual Austin mac and cheese festival!


Jordi Creixell
Canfield BHP, Finance

Jordi chose UT and CBHP because to him, it seemed to be the best of both worlds. Being a Houston native, Austin was both new and exciting without having to get too far from home. Along with that, he loved the combination of the huge amount of resources and activities of a large school with the close community and personal attention of a small program like CBHP. Jordi was so deadest on UT that it was the only college he applied to!

Jordi decided to be a peer mentor because he is passionate about helping others and personally values mentorship, especially in times of transition. First volunteering in high school orientation and retreats, he continued his personal development by becoming a FIG leader at UT, where he led a weekly seminar for freshmen focused on adapting to college. To him, mentorship means being both a friend and a resource. You have to be available any time and be willing to sacrifice your own time and energy for the good of your mentees. Outside of CBHP, Jordi is involved in the Texas Iron Spikes, Texas Consulting, and the Honors Business Association. In his free time, he follows soccer, plays fantasy football, and (tries) to improve his cooking.


Katelyn Anderson
Canfield BHP, Accounting, Business and Public Policy

Katelyn Anderson is from Knoxville, Tennessee. Although it was a bit of a controversial decision for her to go to the "other UT" her very first memory is waddling out onto the baseball field after a game and getting picked up by her dad (a coach here at the time). She's been a Texas Longhorn ever since. She also couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a student-athlete and Canfield Business Honors student at Texas.

On the 40 Acres, Katelyn has spent most of her time throwing the javelin on the Women's Track & Field team, interning at the Texas Exes, and being a part of various organizations like the Texas Business Law Association and UTSG. She has also spent a lot of time volunteering with the Neighborhood Longhorns Program and was recently elected to be a member of their board.

Katelyn decided to follow in the footsteps of Gabby Crank (a CBHP MVP) when deciding to become a Peer Mentor. While it is definitely a step outside of her comfort zone, she is excited to be a mentor, and friend, to the newest class of CBHPeers. She is impressed by their enthusiasm and drive, but more than anything, she is amazed by their resiliency during these ~unprecendented~ times.

Katelyn is always down for a game of ping pong, a connoisseur of sandwiches, and a fan of bad (yet good) movies.


Michael Smith
Canfield BHP, Finance, Management Minor

You may have encountered Michael performing a magic trick on campus before. He loves to be social and make new friends at every opportunity! He is from Spring, Texas, where he grew up, went to high school, and watched his father run a small business of restaurants. From this appreciation for business, Michael found himself coming to the Forty Acres and joining the Canfield Business Honors Program to study Finance and Management. What he didn't expect was the community and immense support that he would find in this CBHPhamily at UT Austin.

Michael knew that he would want to be a Peer Mentor after looking up to his own, Suchin Kundra, as a freshman. He wants to be able to guide students through their transition to college and Canfield BHP, offering as much insight, support, and encouragement as possible. To Michael, a mentor is someone who can not only provide assistance and advice throughout a period of life, but additionally a friend, confidant, and counselor that people can go to with concerns, fears, and problems. He hopes to be such a person in the lives of his mentees.

In addition to his role as a Peer Mentor, Michael is a counselor for Ignite Texas, a Christian organization for incoming freshmen and transfer students seeking community and spiritual guidance. He also is a Social Committee Member in the Honors Business Association, Hometown Recruiter for Canfield BHP, and Scholar/Student Ambassador for the Forty Acres Scholars Program.

Reach out to Michael to learn more about his love for magic, violin, mariachi, musical theatre, movies, baking, and more!


Shivani Parepally
Canfield BHP, Finance

I was born in Minnesota and moved to India when I was nine but I always knew I wanted to come back to the US for college. When I was touring colleges and got to UT, I honestly thought the Canfield BHP community was too good to be true. Everyone seemed to know each other so well and care about one another just as much they did themselves. The CBHP office looked like everyone's happy place and I still remember the smiles and advice I got from just my first visit there. After two years here, I can definitely say that while it was too good, it was still 100% true. From my advisors, to my professors, to my peers to my upperclassmen mentors, everyone cares so much about my well-being. They invest so much time and energy and give me so much advice to help me become my best self and chase every goal I ever wanted to. Even when UT is as big as it is, I never feel alone or isolated in the CBHP family. This is exactly why I chose to be a peer mentor: I want to give back to this community on campus that has given so much to be thankful for. I was an insecure and under-confident freshman that matured due to the mentorship of others and I want to help my mentees feel proud and confident of themselves and in their unique journey. I want to help them navigate through their difficult college transition, the tough decisions they'll have to make, and be there for them on their best and worst days. To me, mentoring means being able to put myself in their shoes and offer guidance, but also support them when they make their own decisions and help them if they don't work out the way they planned. It's about connecting them to the right people, making them feel great on the days they feel low, and being someone they can always count on. Some of my other hobbies include fashion, dance, trying new food places and doing fun outdoor adventures in Austin! Outside of CBHP, I am also the captain of Texas Mohini, a competitive South-Indian dance team, the co-chair of Wall Street for McCombs, an investment banking training program, and a member of the University Fashion Group.


Samantha Bryant
Canfield BHP, Marketing, English Minor, Certificate in Global Management

Samantha is from Austin so naturally, going to UT was a great way for her to stay close to family. She believes that Canfield BHP allowed her to have the best of both worlds; smaller class sizes and a personal feel that she would have experienced at a smaller university, but with all of the resources available to her as a student at a large public university.

Samantha explains, "From the first week of freshman year, I loved the community that is created by BHP, and I wanted to be able to foster that community for incoming freshman as a Peer Mentor." Samantha believes mentorship is being able to support others by sharing your experiences, serving as a resource (for recommendations and connections), and building a community between mentors and mentees. "I think that mentorship is one of the best parts of BHP because upper classmen are able to inspire and support other students." Outside of academics, Samantha has served as the Philanthropy Director for a spirit group on campus called Texas Bluebonnets, where she gets to plan a variety of philanthropic events and serve the Austin community. She's also a part of a ministry on campus called Ignite Texas where she gets to be a camp counselor for incoming UT freshman and transfer students.

Samantha is really passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. "I have a big sweet tooth so baking is something that I really enjoy, and definitely a hobby where I need to keep improving!" She has also studied abroad in Argentina the summer after her freshman year, and loves to travel to new places, and experience other cultures. Going to all seven continents is on her bucket list!


Taylor Haydon
Canfield BHP, Plan II, Finance Minor

I was born in Norman, Oklahoma, and both of my parents went to OU, so, naturally, I decided to go to UT. I loved the idea of going to a huge school with lots of opportunities, but I also wanted a close-knit community as offered by Canfield BHP. Thanks to the community I've met through Canfield BHP, I've grown into a person I never could have imagined as a high school senior. I knew I wanted to be a Peer Mentor the day I met my own peer mentor, Rachel, freshmen year. Rachel helped make my transition to college a lot easier, and I decided I wanted to pass that mentorship forward.

At UT, I am involved in Texas Spirits, a spirit group. I also work for Girlstart, an Austin-based nonprofit devoted to getting elementary school girls excited about STEM careers. This semester, I'm writing my Plan II thesis about magical realism in Latin American literature. My hobbies include going on frequent walks, working out, and drinking lots and lots of iced coffee.


Urvi Joshi
Canfield BHP, Public Health, Finance, Applied Statistical Modeling

As an out-of-state student from Portland, Oregon, I was looking for a community away from home and a program that would help me in my pursuit of business. I applied to about 17 colleges (I know that's way too many) and chose UT and CBHP because they offered me the best opportunity for both. I am proud to say it was a decision that paid off and that my CBHP peers have become some of my closest friends and my family

Mentorship is incredibly important to me. I would not have had this amazing college experience if it were not for the incredible mentors I have had along the way. From classes to professional and personal advice, I have had guidance from my peers and my mentors in the CBHP community. I see being a peer mentor as my chance to give back to this community that has provided me with so much.

I am involved in a professional business fraternity called Delta Sigma Pi. I have served as the Senior Vice President and Recruitment Director. I have also been involved in Code Orange, Not On My Campus, and Spark Magazine.

My hobbies include painting, hiking, working out, and reading.