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MASO Tools and Rules


  • Support of Student Life advisers and administrators
  • Access to the Frito-Lay Student Leadership Center
  • A locker and use of reserved space in Leadership Center 
  • Ability to apply for funding from Student Life and BBAAEEF 
  • Ability to request corporate contacts information
  • Approval to post 25 stamped event flyers around the school
  • Name on Texas BBA website and spot at Gone to Business
  • Advertise events in BBA News Blog, MASO Newsletter, and Message Monitors


  • Remain in active status with Student Activities – UT Dean of Students Office 
  • Follow Student Activities rules & guidelines
  • Complete the MASO application in May and/or when officers change
  • At least two officers must attend MANDATORY MASO Trainings & Meetings 
  • Appropriate use of the Frito Lay Leadership Center
  • President attends Organization Presidents' Roundtable
  • Spend money and use resources appropriately
  • 60% of organization must be business students
  • Be a great McCombs representative at all times 
  • Respond to inquiries by the Student Life Office in a timely manner 
  • Schedule required individual meetings with the Student Life Office  

Check out the MASO Affiliation Checklist

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

McCombs Affiliated Student Organization



Refer to the tabs below for more resources related to McCombs affiliated student organizations.


Event Planning

Event Planning

Check out the Event Planning Checklist for a good overview.

  • Official Occasion Expense Online Form (OOEF): Permission to spend money from the organization's UT account or from a McCombs funding source. The OOEF is accessible to two designated student reps from each organization. Send a budget when you submit the OOEF to Karl Spencer two weeks prior to your event, or one month for large events.

Rooms and Spaces 

  • Business School Room Reservations: The online McCombs Event Room Request is accessible to two designated student reps from each organization. Legacy Rooms require a faculty or staff member to be present at the event and can only be reserved by the McCombs department that co-sponsors your event.  
  • Find a Space: Office of the Dean of Students: This database tool is designed to aid organizations in locating both indoor and outdoor spaces. Use the search tool to find your ideal space based on capacity, area of campus, and/or features like a stage, or grassy area. Click on the "Details" button for each space to view images of and contact information for making your reservation.
  • General Classroom Reservations (Student Activities): Student Activities has an online request system that MASO organizations must use for all general purpose rooms across campus, including most classrooms in McCombs.
  • Frito-Lay Leadership Center Reservations: Only McCombs Affiliated Student Organizations can reserve the two Frito Lay Conference rooms through Karl Spencer for official organization business. Recurring meeting requests for the Frito-Lay Leadership Center are taken after the first MASO training of the semester. If you receive a new student ID contact Karl Spencer.
  • Media available in UTC, CBA, and GSB Rooms 


  • Having Food at Your Event? Online Approval: Log onto the Food Distribution Form with your EID on the right side of the page. Unless you are having bake sale items or a potluck, MASO organizations must fill out the online food approval form at least 10 days in advance. Log onto the Food Distribution Form with your EID on the right side of the page.
  • Please refer to the approved vendor list given at MASO training or come by the Student Life Office for the most updated version.


  • Departmental One-Usage Garage Card Request: Come by our office and we will assist you in filling out the form. We will have it signed and call the designated member to pick up the form. The member will take it to the selected parking garage and pick up the garage passes. Know the account that should be charged and that the cost is around $11 per pass.

Funding and Spending


  • BBA Student Life Funding - Check your email in September for further instructions.
  • BBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund - Funding allocated by a committee made up of alumni, students, and Student Life staff twice a year. Applications due Tuesday, August 15th by noon. 
  • Corporate Funding - Send a proposal to Stephanie Hinojosa-Galvan in PDF format. Your proposal will be listed on Giving to Student Organizations for companies to review. For corporate contacts, send an Excel list in alpha order to Stephanie.


  • Payee Information Forms - Required for payments to vendor or individuals if not already in UT payment system.
    • Vendor - Must be willing to set up direct bill with Student Life Office and accept payment within 30 days of service or bill whichever is later. 
    • Student - Used for student receiving cash prizes or awards for competitions.
  • Office Supplies - MASOs get a discounted price with the vendor Office Max Today's Solution and should not purchase supplies with University funds from other vendors. You can access pricing information through the UT Market on the Intranet. Submit item number, description, quantity and price to Karl Spencer five working days before you actually need the supplies. 
  • W-9 Form Request - Fill in the vendor information (company name, address, contact name, phone and fax numbers) and check the W-9 box. The UT Department should be: McCombs School of Business/TEXAS BBA Program Office, 1 University Station, B6100, Austin, TX  78712
  • Contact name, email, phone and fax numbers should be sent to Karl Spencer
  • In the comments box, include the name of the organization requesting the information.

Off-Campus Bank Account

Off-Campus Bank Account

Opening Bank and Credit Union Account | Requires a social security number [NOT recommended] OR an EIN (Employee Identification Number) | SALD Office has records of EINs for organizations - check before requesting from the IRS.

Get EIN from the IRS (takes about 10 minutes to complete the form)

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online

  • Select "APPLY NOW"
  • Select Begin Application
  • Select View Additional Types, including Tax Exempt and Government Organizations and Continue
  • Select PTA/PTO or School Organizations and Continue
  • Select Continue
  • Fill in name and SSN  and select "I am a responsible and duly authorized officer or member of this organization (NOT 3rd party)"
  • Complete mailing address (Student Activities Org Mailbox - check the SA website or call 471-3065 for info) and your phone number
  • For specific name, enter your organization’s name
  • Mail should be sent to the address you enter
  • Then continue filling out the form

NOTE:  The SSN of the individual who is filling out the form shows on the last page but the organization is liable for any taxes, forms that are required, etc.

Membership dues and fees go into off-campus accounts

Money donated to the University cannot go into off-campus bank accounts

You may not use the University's tax exemption when using funds out of off-campus bank accounts

Pricing and Promotion

Printing and Promotion

  • Message Monitors | Please review the message monitor website and have another person review your slide prior to emailing it in
  • BBA Social Media | Submit blurbs, pictures and announcements to Social Media Form. Questions? Email us.
  • Posters and Flyers | Review posting policy prior to creating your marketing pieces or sending members to put them up | If UT funds are allocated to your org and spent on printing pink sheets MUST be turned into CBA 2.302 within 1 working day | Posters on tri-pods may be put up one week prior to event and be stamped by Student Life  
  • Large Poster Mounting and Printing | Use UT account number |  Reserve an easel from Media Services or Student Life |  Reserve location (doors in front of respective office) through Dean's Office or Student Life |  Receipt must be turned into CBA 2.302 within 1 working day
  • Websites | McCombs can no longer host student organization sites but recommends visiting the UT Student Activities website to get info on hosting on a UT server
  • Student Business Cards |  UT Printing can make you 100 official McCombs business cards for $15 – Visit BBA Career Services at CBA 2.116 or McCombs Online Resources for the form.
  • McCombs Logo Download | Please review logo guidelines before downloading and utilizing the logo| Don't forget to include the Student Life Logo on all publicity.



  • Travel Document website | If you are attending a trip organized or sponsored by the Office of Student Life you must complete the documents and follow the instructions on this website