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Group of Canfield study abroad students jumping in the air in Buenos Aires

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all of your study abroad questions.

What is the BBA International Programs Office?

The BBA International Programs Office is a study abroad office dedicated specifically to McCombs students. Over 40% of McCombs students study abroad!

We maintain business school-to-business school partnerships, which allow our students to take classes that apply directly to their degree plan at some of the top institutions across the globe. BBA International Programs understands the unique needs of business students, including navigating their degree requirements, student organizations, internships and recruiting. Our team is here to assist students so that they can study abroad and still graduate on time.

Students may also choose to study abroad through the main UT Education Abroad Office.

Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad sets you apart from others. It demonstrates self-reliance, motivation, and an ability to take risks and compete in an international business environment. Students who return from study abroad programs have an expanded worldview that both domestic and international companies look for in a candidate. For more information on integrating a study abroad experience to recruiting and employment, contact Career Management.

Is studying abroad possible for me?

BBA International Programs believes deeply in the mission of international education for all students. We are committed to supporting those with limited financial means, disabilities/differently-abled, first-generation college students, and students from all cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

Once you meet with your study abroad advisor, they can connect you with resources (both within and beyond our office) and provide guidance throughout the process.

Do I need to speak another language to study abroad?

No – most of our partner schools teach classes in English, including top-tier institutions in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

What is a semester program?

Semester Program (also known as an Exchange Program) is an independent study abroad experience, which takes place over the whole Fall or Spring semester - or even an entire year. You can choose your own housing and classes and live like a local student.

What is an affiliated program?

Affiliated Programs have a slightly different enrollment, payment and credit structure than an a Semester or Summer Exchange Program.

We currently offer four Semester Affiliated Programs - IES LondonIES Barcelona, Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary and the GAV Internship and Study Semester in Asia-Pacific. We also offer one Summer Affiliated Program in partnership with London School of Economics in London, England

What is a summer exchange program?

A Summer Exchange Program (also known as a Summer Semester Program) is an independent study abroad experience, which takes place over the summer. You can choose your own housing and classes and live like a local student. View the full list of Summer Exchange Programs here.

What is a BBA faculty-led summer program?

A BBA Faculty-Led Summer Program is a 5-week group study abroad program led by McCombs faculty, which takes place in June and July. It has pre-planned classes, housing and excursions. Students take two courses – one taught by McCombs faculty and one taught by the faculty at our partner school abroad. BBA Faculty-Led Programs offer undergraduate credit. View the full list of our BBA Faculty-Led Summer Programs here.

What is an MPA faculty-led summer program?

An MPA Faculty-Led Summer Program is a 5-week group study abroad program led by McCombs faculty, which takes place in June and July. It has pre-planned classes, housing and excursions. Students take two courses – one taught by McCombs faculty and one taught by the faculty at our partner school abroad. MPA Faculty-Led Programs offer graduate credit for students currently enrolled in the Master in Professional Accounting Program. View the full list of our MPA Faculty-Led Summer Programs here.

What is a May Term faculty-led program?

A May Term Faculty-Led Program is a 4-week group study abroad program led by McCombs faculty, which takes place within the month of May. It has pre-planned classes, housing and excursions. Students take one undergraduate-level course taught by McCombs faculty. View the full list of our Faculty-Led May Term Programs here.

What is a domestic program?

A Domestic Program is a learning experience that takes place outside of Austin, but within the United States. The McCombs School of Business collaborates with the Moody College of Communication and the College of Fine Arts to offer UTNY in New York City, NY and Wall Street for McCombs - including MSS in NYC.

Other domestic opportunities include UTLA in Los Angeles, CA and the Archer Fellowship in Washington D.C. For more information on these programs, visit their websites. 

Where do I start? How do I make an appointment to see a BBA International Programs advisor?

Attending an info session is the best place to start and may be required depending on your program type.

After attending an info session, students can make an appointment to speak to a BBA International Programs advisor. Students may book a virtual or in-person appointment on our Contact Us page. Appointments cannot be made via email. 

If you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel it online. Missed appointments may affect the consideration of your study abroad application.

How do I apply to study abroad? What are the deadlines?

Each program type has different application requirements and deadlines.

Semester Programs - Find Semester Program application information and deadlines.

Faculty-Led Programs - Find Faculty-Led Program application information and deadlines.

What program locations are available?

Our office offers programs at 30+ schools in 25+ countries. View the full list of Semester Programs here and the full list of Summer Programs here.

For more information about program locations from the student perspective, check out our blog!

Students interested in programs/locations we do not currently offer can explore opportunities via the UT Education Abroad Office.

Can non-business majors/business minors study abroad through BBA International Programs?

Only business majors can study abroad on our Semester and Affiliated Programs.

Non-business majors/business minors have the opportunity to study abroad on select Summer Faculty-Led Programs.

Do you offer international internships?

Students may participate in internships on the IES London ,IES Barcelona and GAV Internship and Study Semester in Asia-Pacific programs. International internship opportunities are also available through Texas Global.


For information on whether an international internship can be applied to your internship degree requirement, contact Career Management.

How much does studying abroad cost? Are financial aid and scholarships available?

Tuition for a Semester Program (Fall, Spring and Summer Exchange) is the same tuition you normally pay at UT. Additional expenses include administrative fees, insurance, airfare, textbooks and cost-of-living. In some cases, a semester abroad can be equal to or less expensive than a semester in Austin.

Costs for Faculty-Led Programs can be found on individual program information pages here.

Generally, the same financial aid you already receive is applicable to study abroad programs. Students who receive financial aid, scholarships and/or grants should contact their funding provider to find out if that money can be used for study abroad. Visit our funding page to learn more about scholarships available through our office. Scholarships are also available through the main UT Education Abroad Office and via external opportunities.

What should parents know about studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that will allow your student to learn and grow. Students return more mature, independent, open-minded and sensitive to cultural differences in both interpersonal and business contexts. A summer or a semester abroad is often the highlight of a college career and impacts students long after graduation.

Health and safety is our utmost priority and is covered extensively prior to departure. We suggest exploring the health and safety resource website from the UT Education Abroad Office for more information.

We are here to assist in the study abroad process and provide support for your student at all times. It is important that you and your student understand that completion of program requirements is the student’s responsibility, and they should be the point of contact with our office.

How can I give back?

Did you have a great study abroad experience? Here's how you can pay it forward! 

Current Students 

Students can assist BBA International Programs by volunteering to become a Global Ambassador. Duties include tabling at the McCombs Study Abroad Fair in September and speaking at info session panels throughout the year. Students can also join the Buddy Program for an opportunity to connect with incoming exchange students and future outgoing exchange students. Global Ambassadors and Buddy Program sign-ups are emailed to students after they return from a study abroad program. 

Students who have returned from a study abroad program can also work for the BBA International Programs office as a Peer Advisor. Announcements for open positions are emailed to eligible applicants when they become available. 


Those who wish to donate can contribute directly to BBA International Programs. 

Alumni currently living abroad can join their local Texas Exes chapter. Does BBA IP run a program in your area? Consider volunteering to host students at company visits or other events in coordination with our office. 

For information on staying connected to study abroad in general at UT, visit Texas Global's alumni and giving page


Questions? Email BBA International Programs for more information.