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List of Approved Business Courses for Nonbusiness Students

Business Courses are open to non-business majors during the summer, with a few exceptions listed as "reserved" in the course schedule.  Students are still expected to meet  the prerequisites to take summer business classes.


Spring 2023 Approved Business Courses for Non Business majors:
In addition to the Business Minor courses, the following BBA courses are currently open to nonbusiness students:  

  • ACC 334M- HealthCare Accounting
  • I B 362- Global Regulatory Strategy
  • I B 367C- Intercultural Management
  • MIS 173- BlockChain
  • R E 358- Intro Real Estate/Urban Land Development
  • R E 360.1- Taxation Real Estate Investment
  • R E 364 Real Estate Development
  • R E 376G- Real Estate Investment
  • R E 378K - Real Estate Financing and Syndication
  • R M 357E- Intro to Risk Management
  • R M 369K- Managing Empolyer Risks and Benefits


The following courses are restricted during the majority of Access Period 1 (October 31st-November 11th) and will open  to nonbusiness students as listed below:

  • LEB 334M- Healthcare Law and Policy: available starting 12:00pm, Friday, November 11
  • MAN 334M- Healthcare System Management: available starting 12:00pm, Friday, November 11
  • O M 334M- Healthcare Operations Management: available starting 12:00pm, Friday, November 11


The following courses are restricted during Access Period 1 (October 31st-November 11th). They will open to nonbusiness students during Access Period 2 (starting December 12th):

  • ACC 366P - Accounting Practicum
  • BGS 370- Behavioral Science for Business
  • BGS 370- Law, Ethics, and Artificial Intelligence
  • BGS 370.3- Business Ethics/Social Responsibility
  • BGS 371- Corporate Political Strategy
  • MKT 178- Sales-Driving B2B Strategy
  • MKT 178- SQL for Business & Marketing
  • MKT 363- Professional Selling/Sales Management
  • MAN 327 - Innovation/Entrepreneurship
  • MAN 327E- New Venture Mechanics
  • MAN 367P- Social Entrepreneurship II


The following BBA courses will become available to non-business students on the 5th class day, Friday, January 13th,  from 9:00-5:00pm. To enroll in up to 2 of these classes, you must follow these procedures:

  • The course must be listed as Open/Open reserved on the course schedule (we will NOT add any students to any closed course).
  • Meet all prerequisites for the course (B A 324 is waived for non-business students).  If the prerequisite is not on your records, you must provide proof of having the prerequisite fulfilled.


The McCombs BBA Registration Management will be using a new system, QLess, for this process.  QLess allows you to join a virtual queue via phone or computer and then receive updates about your estimated waiting time for assistance, and will send a text message when it is your turn. To meet with us you can follow this steps:

  1. Text “texasbba” to 512-515-3792 to join from your phone OR go to on your computer.
  2. Select the Add An Open Couse option
  3. You will receive an estimated wait time.
  4. When it is your turn, you will receive a Zoom Meeting ID via text.
  5. Upon receiving the message, you will have 5 minutes to join the Zoom meeting


  • ACC 311- Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • ACC 312- Fundamentals of  Managerial Accounting
  • ACC 327- Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACC 329- Managerial Accounting and Control
  • ACC 362- Auditing and Control
  • ACC 364- Fundamentals of Taxation
  • I B 350- International Trade
  • MAN 328- Consulting & Change Management
  • MAN 336- Organizational Behavior
  • MAN 337- Disruptive Innovation in Sport
  • MAN 337.3 - Intercultural Management
  • MAN 337.5 - Tech Transfer/Entrepreneurship
  • MAN 337.21- Art and Science of Negotiation
  • MKT 337- Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 372- Marketing Channels
  • MKT 372- Research Topics in Marketing: Sharing Economy
  • MKT 372 - Sales Management & Strategy
  • MKT 372 - Small Business & Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • MKT 372.2 - Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 372.4- Global Marketing
  • MKT 372.11- Brand Management
  • MKT 372.13 - Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKT 372.15 - Corporate Political Strategy
  • MKT 372.22 - Predictive Analytics & Data Mining
  • MKT 372.23 - Data Analytics for Marketing
  • MKT 372.24- Digital Marketing